Channel Surfing

rated: PG13 - sexual references, adult situations
Haruka and Michiru copyright Naoko Takeuchi and associations.

Channel Surfing

Michiru plopped down next to Haruka on the sofa, actually the aptly named loveseat, "What are you watching?"

The woman shrugged without taking her eyes from the screen.

Michiru frowned slightly, "Why is that well-endowed woman washingcars in the nude?"

Haruka shrugged.

"Wow, she must really love her car..."

Haruka blinked, then turned the channel right as the well-endowed man came on the scene with his porche. Both women watched in raptured silence as Vikki, who was pregnant with Bill's child but married to his brother, Steve, confronted her long lost mother, Rose, who is actually the woman who had an affair with Vikki's first husband,Rodger, who was shot by Billy's son.

Haruka turned the channel when the commercial came on. "Michi-chan, I want that!"

Michiru looked to her in surprise, "You want the excercise equipment being offered by the infomercial?"

"Hell no, I want the babe using the equipment."

Michiru hit her with the pillow, stole the remote, and turned it back to the soap opera, "Quiet, fool, I want to see if Rose will admit to Vikki her secret past as a cabaret dancer."

"If I bought the equipment, would you use it?"


"Would you exercise in the nude?"

Michiru hit her again with the pillow. She turned the channel back to Haruka's porn, "Only if you washed your car like that."

Haruka's blue eyes widened, "Michi-chan, that isn't possible. My body doesn't bend that way..."

"It did last night," Michiru replied before the girl on T.V. shifted slightly. "Well, not like that it didn't..."



Author's Notes: I write these just for fun and for laughs.
Thanks to Katie for typing this.

original story copyright 2002
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