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Here are all the stories by me and my friend(s). Currently undergoing construction. I have to say that many of them are very strange, so *beware*. Hehe.

By Nina:

1) Ella: A Tale of Love And Pickles
It's a shortie about a guy who likes pickles, what can you say?!?

2) An excerpt from 'The Tale of My Life And The Magic Paintbrush'
When Jon of Bridger was young, his psychopath cousin started a game of death, that would carry on even past Jon's own death. The saga startes here.

3) Anne's Story, Part 1
The sequel to "The Tale of My Life and The Magic Paintbrush". Several hundreds of years after Jon's death, three Kyrrian students find their way into ancient Sapharia in the middle of the Kyrrian-Sapharian war, and must reseurrect the spirit of a great hero to save both Sapharia and their birthland Kyrria.