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My Ruki/Rika Page:


Makino Ruki (Rika in English)- she seems to be the 'cool' one. Genius girl who has won the championship in the Digimon card game rally. Rika believes that Digimon are in the real world for only one purpose: to fight other Digimon. She is harsh with Renamon and expects her to win every fight without her help.
Ruki met Renamon after coming home from a win at a Digimon Card Game Tournament. Mixed with Ruki's other cards was a Blue Card which she slashed through her card reader and it turned into a D-Power. She closed her eyes holding the D-Power to her chest, and when she opened them Renamon was in front of her.

  • Name: Renamon
  • Level: Rookie
  • Kind: Animal
  • Attacks: Koyousetsu (Diamond storm)
    She's the smartest and most mature of the Tamer Digimon. She's not easily fooled. She is well trained and very strong. Like Ruki, she seems quite cool and aloof, and a little intimidating - the perfect partner for Ruki. Renamon had fought a lot and absorbed the data of many Digimon, but for some reason she couldn't Digivolve. She was able to evolve on the occasions where Ruki showed that she cared about her.
    Usually, Ruki would treat her like some kind of tool, someone inferior to herself, which hurt Renamon's feelings.
    After Ruki said that Renamon was just a Digimon and unimportant, Renamon left her and began to fight on her own. She was stronger on her own. When two partners have unity of heart, the Digimon is strong, but when two partners are having problems with each other, the Digimon's strength is actually inhibited.
    Renamon and Ruki were reunited when Renamon was battling Harpymon. Renamon fought excellently well but Harpymon took her by surprise and she couldn't get away. Ruki, wanting to help her partner, ran at Harpymon with a sharp stick and stabbed her in the back. This endangered Ruki and so Renamon evolved to protect her.
    Because Ruki was very good at the Digimon card game, many Digimon wanted her to be their Tamer. But Ruki wanted the strongest - and so Renamon appeared to her and they began to fight together.
    Renamon's attack is "koyousetsu" (Diamond Storm), where she leaps into the air and throws her arms out, sending leaf-shaped shards of light at the enemy.

  • Name: Kyuubimon
  • Level: Champion
  • Attacks: Fox Flame Dragon / Demon Fireball


  • Name: Taomon
  • Level: Ultimate
  • Attacks: Buddhist Brush Brandish / Fox Seal Paper


  • Name: Sakuyamon
  • Level: Mega
  • Attacks: Vajra Mandala / Tengu's Rice