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My Raditz page:

Raditz- A Saiya-jin with hair about his waist length. He is the first enemy to appear in the Dragonball Z series. Son Goku's older brother comes to Earth in the belief that his brother has conquered the planet. However, after finding Goku, he realizes that his younger brother has suffered from amnesia. When questioned, Goku recalls falling off a cliff when he was small and suffering from a concussion. Radditz proceeds to reveal Goku's alien origins and his original mission to kill off the human race. Of course, Goku will not accede to his brother's demands. After knowing that Goku has lost his memory, he kidnaps Gohan demanding that Goku presents, the next day, 100 dead humans on the beach in front of the Kame House, or else, he will kill his son (Gohan is 4 at the time). Goku and Piccolo (Piccolo wanted to be the only one to get to kill Goku) join forces and fight Raditz. Raditz is much stronger than any of the them, so Goku has to grab him, while Piccolo performs his "Screw" Attack, this attack goes through both Raditz and Goku body, which causes the death of both.