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My Sailor Pluto Page:

Real Name: Meioh Setsuna

American Name: Trista
Name Meaning: Momentary Dark King
Age: Manga-20 Anime-Ancient
Birthday: October 29
Sign: Scorpio
Planet: Pluto
Bloodtype: A
First Appeared: Japan-Episode 64/75 America-Episode 58/68
Family Members: None
Favorite Color: Dark Red
Hobbies: Shopping
School: none
Favorite Food: Green tea
Least Favorite Food: Egg-plant
Favorite Subject: Physics
Worst Subject: Music
Likes: Sewing
Has trouble with: Love Letters
Strong Point: Cockroaches
Dream: To be a designer
Hopes to go to: Caribbean
Favorite Gemstone: Garnet

Setsuna is first introduced in the Sailor Moon R Season as Sailor Pluto, the Guardian of Time. She first manifests herself in the form of Chibi-Usa's ball (Luna-P) and is nicknamed "Puu" by Chibi-Usa. However, it is only in Sailormoon S that it is revealed that Sailor Pluto is actually Meiou Setsuna, a friend of Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus.
The more specific definition of Setsuna's duty as Sailor Pluto is that she guards the gates of time with her Garnet Rod (shaped like a key). She is what some would call a loner; she is aloof from most of the Senshi. However, she is friends with Haruka and Michiru. This introverted attitude is most likely due to all of her hours/years spent alone at the gate of time save for when Chibi Usa shows up to visit.
Setsuna's age depends on your source: in the manga, when Setsuna first appears, she is 18 and is a freshman in university. In the anime, she is over 1000 and is out of school.
Setsuna does not really get to play a major role in the Sailor Moon series; she rather serves as a catalyst for the plot. In the Sailor Moon R series, she serves as the guardian of Chibi-Usa and first shows herself top the Inner Senshi when Chibi-Usa starts having nightmares sent from the Black Moon. In the Sailor Moon S series, she plays a larger role as she reveals that she possesses one of the three Talismans, the Garnet Orb which is on the end of her Garnet Rod. In the Marine Cathedral, in episode 111, Setsuna transforms for the first time and saves Uranus and Neptune by allowing the Talismans to return the heart crystals to them. Setsuna hangs around with Haruka and Michiru, not really doing much, only watching Hotaru, until they try to destroy the girl in the planetarium, and keeping tabs on Small Lady. Once Chibi-Usa's heart crystal is taken, Pluto sets out with Uranus and Neptune in the helicopter to enter Mugen Gakuen. However, Mistress 9 destroys their helicopter, and in order to save the three of them, Pluto stops time, teleports Uranus and Neptune to the top of Mugen Gakuen, then vanishes. Her last duty in S is to tell Chibi-usa about Hotaru/Saturn.
For some reason, Sailorpluto appears in the SuperS movie with Neptune and Uranus, but since the movies have little if no effect on the actual TV series, this appearance doesn't really have to be rationalized.
Setsuna returns in SailorStars in order to take baby Hotaru from her father, Tomoe Souichi. After the first arc, Setsuna occassionally pops up into episodes, generally in the accompainment of Haruka and Michiru, and like those two, is hostile to the Three Lights/Starlights. At the end of SailorStars, she is killed when Uranus and Neptune take her star seed, but comes back to life after Chaos leaves Galaxia's body.

During the series, she has two different forms of senshi:
  • Sailor Pluto: Her first form in Sailormoon R-Super S
  • SuperSailor Pluto: Her form in SailorStars.

  • transformation pen
  • garnet orb a guardian Talisman that can emit mental images
  • garnet staff
  • helicopter (for a short time during the Sailor Moon S series)

  • Pluto Planet Power, Make Up: Transformation phrase used by Setsuna to transform into Sailor Pluto. The symbol for Pluto spins into Setsuna's hand, causing a giant flash. She spins and surrounds herself in fog. After a flash of light, a close-up of her head shows her lips getting painted. She spins backward and poses, leaning on her staff.

  • Dead Scream: Main attack of Sailor Pluto; forms a ball of energy. Fog swirls around the Garnet Orb, Pluto whispers her attack, and she shoots a ball of energy. The energy is shaped in the planet Pluto.
  • Time Stop: Pluto's wordless attack that stops time.