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My Musk Dynasty Pagy:

A 1400-year-old dynasty of animal-stylist martial artists. They threw wild animals into Nyannichuan to turn them into women, and poured water from a magic bucket, the Chiisui- ton, on them to keep them in their cursed form permanently. Their children by these women inherited some of the wild animals' abilities. Herb, Lime and Mint are some of the descendents. The trio comes to Tokyo to find brides for themselves and happen upon Shampoo and Akane.

Mint(pic below): A wolf-boy with superhuman speed, who has never seen a woman before.

Lime(pic below): A tiger-boy with superhuman strength, who has never seen a woman before either.

Herb (pic above): Dragon-leader of the Musk Dynasty with the ability to fly. When he threw a monkey in Nyanniichuan, he was so captivated by his first sight of breasts, the monkey girl pushed him into the spring too. Then, captivated by his/her new body, the monkey girl splashed her with Chiisui-ton water. So Herb comes to Japan in search of the long lost opposite to the Chiisui-ton, the Kaisui-fuu.