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My Mousse Page

A boy blindly following his love, Shampoo who detests him. Even with his thick bottle-lens glasses, he mistakes statues, telephone poles, and bystanders for other people. He shows up in Japan looking for Shampoo. He always fails to defeat her in fights, but Cologne tells him Shampoo is going to marry Ranma, so he challenges this new rival for Shampoo's affections to a man-to-man fight (a troublesome point for Ranma). When Ranma defeats him, he returns to China and seeks training at Jusenkyou, where he walks into Yaazuniichuan, “spring of drowned duck”. There very tragic legend of duck who drown in spring 1300 years ago (if there's anywhere in the world a duck could drown, it's there), now whoever fall in turn into same duck. He returns to Japan with a supply of Yaazuniichuan water to turn Ranma into a duck, too, but (of course) fails. Moose hates Ranma, and would dearly like to do away with Shampoo's "husband". He wears thick glasses and a white robe. Moose is a hidden weapons expert. He usually throws various heavy or entangling objects on the ends of long chains. He sometimes sprouts long blades from his sleeves, or wears shoes with spikes and talons on the ends. As a duck, his eyesight is sharp enough to accurately throw knives, which sprout from his wings. He blames Ranma for Shampoo's dislike of him, and is constantly at odds with Ranma. Mousse is able to combine aspects of slight-of-hand magic techniques with his martial arts, allowing him to pull many weapons out of his oversized sleeves. Personality: Like Shampoo, he is obsessive and violent, and will be underhanded, and is prepared to use extreme measures to get what he wants - Shampoo, who is the only person he is ever truly nice to (though he isn't impolite to others in general), and he doesn't have any friends. His whole life revolves around Shampoo, and he gets ecstatic whenever he thinks she's being nice to him.