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Moon Kingdom

Queen Serenity
  • Name: Queen Serenity
  • Hair: White/ Purple
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Facts: Queen of the White Moon Kingdom, Supreme ruler of the entire solar system, Mother of Princess Serenity

    Princess Serenity

  • Name: Princess Serenity
  • Hair: Blond
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Facts: Princess of the White Moon Kingdom, Daughter of Queen Serenity and next heir to the throne

    Prince Endymion

    Name: Prince Endymion
    Hair: Black
    Eyes: Blue
    Facts: Prince of Earth and next heir to the throne

  • Two thousand years before the present, there was an era called the Silver Millenium. It was an era of peace between all planets, filled with joy and celebration, that lasted for one-thousand years. On the moon was the Moon Kingdom and it was ruled by the lovely Queen Serenity. The Moon Kingdom was the core of the solar system and all the princesses from the surrounding planets would come to the Moon's celebrations.
    Queen Serenity had one daughter, named Princess Serenity, who was young and gentle. Princess Serenity would spend much of her time gazing at the planet Earth from the Moon Palace. She loved the trees and the oceans, things the Moon did not have. Also, she fell in love with a man there. His name was Prince Endymion, the prince of Earth. However, this was a forbidden love.

    Then, the day after one thousand years of peace, the evil force Metallia possessed a human on Earth who loved Endymion, her name was Beryl. Using the evil Negaforce, she possessed the minds of many humans and soon took over the planet Earth. With the possessed humans as soldiers and her Negaverse warriors, Jedite, Nephlite, Malachite, and Zoicite, Queen Beryl planned her attack on the Moon Kingdom so she would rule both Earth and Moon. The Negaverse warriors were actually Endymion's loyal generals, but Metallia took over there minds.
    Prince Endymion fled to the Moon Kingdom to warn Princess Serenity. It seemed to everyone on the Moon Kingdom that Earth was now their enemy and no humans could be trusted. Prince Endymion told Princess Serenity that their love was forbidden, but he would do his best to protect the Moon, even though he would be fighting his own planet. They shared a last kiss before he went off to help fight.

    Beryl and Metallia attacked and everything on the Moon was destroyed. The Sailor Senshi, princesses of the surrounding planets and guardians of Princess Serenity, and the Moon's army tried to defend the Moon but all of them died without success. Finally, Beryl cast her eyes on Princess Serenity and attacked her. Prince Endymion saved her from the attack and Queen Beryl asked Prince Endymion to become her King.
    When he refused, Metallia attacked the Prince, sweeping him into a tornado. Princess Serenity screamed and jumped into the tornado with him. Just as they grasped hands, Metallia blasted them with an energy beam and they died.
    Queen Serenity watched as their two bodies drifted upward in the tornado. As she cried, she muttered, "I won't let it end like this," and mounted the Silver Imperium Crystal on her Crescent Moon Wand. Luna and Artemis, her faithful advisors, reminded her that if she used the crystal, she would surely die. But her mind was made up. She would sacrifice her life so that her daughter and the rest of her people could live.
    Using the power of the crystal, she sealed Queen Beryl and the Negaverse. She also sent the Prince, Princess, the Sailor Senshi, and the people of the Moon Kingdom one thousand years into the future to be reborn on Earth. As she laid dying, she told Luna and Artemis that Princess Serenity and the others would have no memory of this time and that there was a possibility that the Negaverse could be free again. If that were to happen, Luna and Artemis must seek out the Princess and the Senshi to awaken them.

    With her last breath, she whispered to her people, "On behalf of the moon, you will be free. Maybe we'll meet again, someday," and she died. The Crescent Wand fell from her hand and whisked Luna and Artemis away with the others to the future.

    Manga:In the manga, Princess Serenity watched Prince Endymion die at the hands of Queen Beryl first. When Queen Beryl attacked the two of them, he shielded the Princess and took the blast. In the present, Serenity recovers her memory as the Princess when she is crying over the death of Darien. She says, "I couldn't save you, my dear Endymion. I couldn't save you now and I couldn't save you on the Moon." After she watched him die on the Moon, she was so grief-stricken that she took his sword and killed herself.
    When she saw the dead couple, Queen Serenity thought, "I felt this love affair end sadly. A love between the Earth and the Moon could never be. I'll seal it away...that demon...and this Moon...and give you to the future! This'll be born on the same planet and you'll find happiness there." That was the reason she sent them all to Earth.