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My Mimi Page:

Mimi in Season 1Mimi Tachikawa: Mimi cares mostly about her clothes and how she looks. She hates exercise, and remembers things from the real world like cheerleader practice and mall shopping. She seems to be a pretty self-centered girl. Underneath it all, though, Mimi really is sweet and caring. She just has to work to see beyond herself for you to find her other self. Mimi was grossly unprepared to face the hardships of the Digiworld, and without the rest of the group and her Digimon Palmon I think Mimi would be in a lot of trouble. But as she travels and sees the wonders of the digital world she is learning to think of other people beside herself. When this side of Mimi is shown, we see a girl who inspires kindness in the people around her and doesn't like to see those people hurt with violence. Mimi's favorite color is (obviously) pink, and she lives with her mom (who is as much of a flake as she is, if not more) and her dad. Well, at least we know where she gets it from. They're wacky parentsMimi's Family, but love Mimi very much. They moved to America to get away from the Digimon after the incident at the TV station, and think “the Fairy thing” (i.e. Lillymon) was trying to steal Mimi away from them.

Crest of Sincerity
Her Crest is the Crest of Sincerity, which is pale green.

Mimi's Digimon: Yuramon > Tanemon > Palmon > Togemon > Lillymon > Rosemon

Mimi in Season 2Season 2: Mimi is the one Digi-Destined no longer in Japan. She and her parents have moved to New York in the USA, and she's taken advantage of her new freedom of expression to dye her hair and get a new wardrobe. she also has a friend called Michael who is an american Dgidestined.

Mimi 25 years after Season 2
25 years later:
Mimi has a cooking show, which is the only time she takes off her hat. She now wears cowboy style outfits. She has a son who I think is called Jessie.

Mimi and her son


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