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My Sailor Mercury page:

Real Name: Mizuno Ami

American Name: Amy Anderson
Name Meaning: Friend of Water
Age: End-16
Birthday: September 10
Sign: Virgo
Planet: Mercury
Bloodtype: A
First Appeared: Japan-Episode 8 America-Episode 5
Family Members: Mother (Doctor)
Favorite Color: aquamarine
Hobbies: reading, playing chess
School: Crossroads Junior High (Juuban High) then Juuban High School
Favorite Food: sandwiches
Least Favorite Food: yellow-tail tuna
Favorite Subject: Mathematics
Worst Subject: None
Likes: Studying, playing chess, smart cats like Luna.
Has trouble with: Love Letters
Strong Point: Calculating
Dream: To be a Doctor
Hopes to go to: Greece
Favorite Gemstone: Sapphire
Motto: Pure, honest, beautiful!


Sailor Mercury is the second Sailor Senshi found by Luna. Th happens when she first transfers to Juuban Junior High School and joins a cramming computer class, which is really a plot of the Dark Kingdom. Unfortunately for her, the teacher takes a liking to her. In other words she's basically a victim of a crazed Youma. Fortunately Usagi rescues her, though actually Usagi comes to punish her for working with the Dark Kingdom, and then Ami does some rescuing herself when Luna throws her henshin stick at her, and she becomes Sailormercury.

Mizuno Ami is one of the, if not the most, intelligent of the Senshi. As a student, Ami is at the top of her class at her school (Juuban Junior High School and Juuban High School in the Sailor Moon Stars Season) and also achieves the top marks (most of the time) in the country examination rankings. This seems to be most likely due to the fact that she is reading almost all of the time and goes to cram school every day through the five seasons. She has an estimated IQ of 300. Although Ami is intelligent, she is somewhat of a social butterfly in that she is not totally comfortable interacting with other people and would rather be with her books. Nonetheless, Ami is still very good friends with the rest of the Senshi. She studies all the time, and in S she is rather obsessed with getting everyone to study for the entrance exams Japanese students must take to enter high school. She always brings a book everywhere to study, even to concerts and stuff.

As Sailor Mercury, Ami is often called in to analyze the situation using her miniature super computer. In combat, Ami is always thinking on her feet and remains reasonably calm in the face of danger. Ami's attacks are mostly defensive based--this leads some critics to critisise Ami as being the weakest Senshi. She uses water attacks.
Unlike some of the other Senshi, Ami is not really concerned about the opposite sex although there are a few exceptions. She has problems with love letters, and in the SuperS movie special ("Ami-chan's First Love") when she gets one, she breaks out into hives.

Her family is extremely rich. Ami lives with her mother in an expensive apartment complex since her parents are divorced. Her mother is a busy doctor, whom Ami admires deeply (she wants to be a doctor like her mom when she grows up), and her father is a traveling painter.

Gradually throughout the series, she becomes less introverted and more interested in things outside the realm of school and studying; in Sailor Stars, idol chasing is a trait that she manages to pick up.
On Mercury she has a Castle called Mariner Castle

During the series, she has two different forms of senshi:
  • Sailor Mercury: Her first form in the first season, R, and early S.
  • SuperSailor Mercury: Her form in SuperS and SailorStars.

  • Henshin Stick:

    This is the pen that Luna gave her so that she can transform into Sailor Mercury.
  • Communicator
  • Mini Supercomputer:

    This is the computer that Luna gave her so that she can do investigation on our enemy.
  • Visor
  • Star Henshin Stick:

    The pen she uses to transform into Super Sailor Mercury.
  • Communicator Watch
  • Crystal Henshin Stick
  • Mercury Lyre/Harp

  • Mercury Power Make-Up: Her first season henshin phrase. Ami spins her wand around herself, then spins into the energy. Her outfit forms around her. She then strikes a pose with her elbows in, her hands out, and her knees together.
  • Mercury Star Power, Make-Up: Her henshin phrase in R.
  • Mercury Crystal Power, Make-Up: Her henshin phrase to become SuperSailormercury. Ami's body is encased in water. She spins around until she disappears behind a giant wave. She reappears in her outfit, then she strikes a defensive stance.

  • Shabon Spray: A defensive attack, which lets out a mist of bubbles. Features in the first SailorMoon series. Ami gathers water energy between her hands, spins around, then throws it.
  • Shabon Spray Freezing: Powered up version of Shabon Spray. It uses bubbles, which turn things to ice. Features in Sailormoon R.
  • Shine Aqua Illusion: Second arc attack. A drop of water hits the ground, then a stream of water surrounds a twirling Mercury until she throws it.
  • Double Shabon Spray Freezing: A heightened version of Shabon Spray Freezing.
  • Mercury Aqua Rhapsody: Her attack in which she plays her Mercury Lyre and it lets out a stream of water. Features in Super S. Mercury forms a giant harp made out of water and plays it. A series of water streams shoot out.
  • Mercury Aqua Mirage: Super Sailor Mercury’s one time, special attack in her special, "Ami-chan's First Love" Mercury drops a ball of water to the ground, then creates an even bigger ball in her hands. She spins around a few times, then shoots out a series of water balls.
  • Shine Snow illusion: Manga Attack

    Team attacks/Transformations/Powers:
  • Sailor Teleport:Used to teleport the Sailor Senshi.
  • Sailor Planet Power
  • Sailor Planet Attack
  • Silver Crystal Power

    More facts on Mercury:

    Names of Sailor Mercury
  • Japanese: Mizuno Ami
  • The first name Sailor Mercury was going to have in North America: Blue
  • The name which appeared on the English Kodansha WWW site (Kodansha published the Japanese comic): Amy
  • Final name: Amy