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Masaki Amamiya;

  • Birthday: November 18
  • Profession: President of the Amamiya Corporation
  • Favorite Food: Japanese-style meals
  • Least Favorite Food: Nothing really
  • Favorite Thing: Rainbow
  • Favorite Color: Tea
  • Favorite Flower: Nadeshiko, sakura
  • Best Recipe: Japanese-style meals
  • Weak Point: Long drives in the car
  • Hobby: Collecting chess sets
  • Special Talent: Nothing really

    Masaki Amamiya is the grandfather of Sonomi/Samantha and Nadeshiko/Natasha. Therefore, he is Sakura, Touya/Tori and Tomoyo/Madison's great-grandfather. He lives alone in his mansion in the country. His greatest joy was Nadeshiko/Natasha and her painting of the rainbow. Sakura, however, has become his favorite great-granddaughter due to her kindness and giving him a rainbow (Volume 5, Chapter 1). He still gives her dresses time to time.