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My Lee Page:


Lee Zenrya (Henry Wong in English)-
another boy, looks like Willis with blue hair. His father is chinese and his mother is Japanese. He is calm, mature, gentle, and a true friend. He is the most courageous of the kids.
Lee got Terriermon when his Father brought home a Digimon game from America. When he installed it on his computer, he chose Terriermon. All of a sudden on the game, Gorillamon began to attack the Digimon. Lee slashes some cards to power up Terriermon, then he Digivolved into Galgomon and attacked everything in site. Lee talks to his father, who says the Digimon are just Data and not real. When he returns to his room one of his cards turns into a Blue Card, and he slashes it through his card reader, and it turns into a D-arc. Then Terriermon comes out of the Computer screen, into Lee's Arms.
Lee's very mature, and does not like Terriermon to Digivolve. He is the one who understands Digimon the most.
His father is Chinese, and his Mother is Japanese, They're farely wealthy and live in a huge apartment.

  • Digimon Partners:Zerimon-baby
  • Name: Terriermon
  • Level:Rookie
  • Type: Data
  • Attacks: Petit Twister (Terrier tornado)/ Blazing Fire (Bunny blast)
    Terriermon's attacks are 'blazing fire' (he spits little green balls of light from his mouth) and 'petit twister' (he spins his body around with the ears like helicopter blades, and turns into a cyclone that hits the enemy). He sometimes takes Henry for granted


  • Name: Galgomon
  • Level: Champion
  • Attacks: Gattling Arm / Dum Dum Upper


  • Name: Rapidmon
  • Level: Ultimate
  • Attacks: Rapid Fire / Golden Triangle

    Saint Galgomon

  • Name: Saint Galgomon
  • Level: Mega
  • Attacks: Giant Missile / Burst Shot