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Kaho Mizuki/ Layla McKenzee

  • Birthday: February 11
  • Occupation: Elementary school substitute teacher
  • Favorite Food: Salmon sushi
  • Hates to Eat: Marshmallows
  • Favorite Thing to Do: Walking
  • Favorite Color:,/b> Gold
  • Favorite Flower: Moon-viewing-blossom
  • Best Recipe: Anything
  • Weak Point: Unknown
  • Hobby: Antique hunting
  • Special Talent: Unknown

    Kaho Mizuki/ Layla McKenzee is substituting for Sakura's math teacher. She later becomes the Teacher of Sakura's class.
    She wears Chinese clothing. She knows about the Clow Cards and has a special ability to see things, like Touya/Tori. Her weapon is a Bell that has streamers and has the character for "moon" on it. The bell was a gift from Clow Reed, to give the Card Captor a second chance.
    She went out with Touya/Tori a while back, when he was in junior high and she was his math teacher. She still continues to call him "To-ya." They are joined by Sakura and Julian.