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The Kunos:

Welcome to my page on the Kunos: Kodachi and her alligator, Tatewaki and his dog, the Principal, and their ninja!

Tatewaki Kuno:

He is the self-proclaimed "rising star of the high school fencing world," and has given himself the nickname "Blue Thunder". Upperclassman Kuno, as he prefers to be called, is a well-spoken ladies man. He often quotes Shakespeare or Japanese poems and haiku. He is in class 2-E Kuno Tatewaki, 17 years old, boastful captain of the kendo club. He is apparently of wealthy samurai lineage. As class president, he ruled that anyone who would date Akane must first defeat her. At the start of the series, Akane defeats their attempts every morning. In the meantime, he falls in love with the pony-tailed girl who mysteriously takes Ranma's place during a fight and defeats him. After Ranma soundly defeats him, though he will never accept defeat, the other students accept Ranma and Akane's betrothal. Hating Ranma for being too close to both Akane and the pony-tailed girl, he agonizes over which girl he loves more (which his classmate Nabiki capitalizes on). Wears samurai robes and carries a bokutou/bokken. He will not accept that Ranma and Ran-chan are one and the same, even though he’s seen the change. Either that or he’s just plain thick. Personality: A very obsessive, arrogant, stuck-up, insensitive and stupid person. His is almost completely ignorant of what others may want or need, and generally just ignores what he doesn't want to see, and looks at the would in a very peculiar way. Others generally regard him as pretty stupid (especially Ranma), and don't have much respect for him - though the some of the school students are a little afraid of him.


Kuno Tatewaki's trusting pet dog (and his poison tester for Kodachi's cooking).
Kodachi Kuno:

Tatewaki’s even stranger younger sister, age 16. She's a formidable martial arts rhythmic gymnastics expert from the rival Saint St. Hebereke girls’ academy, who wins her matches by default by taking out her opponents "fair and square" before the competition. After a thwarted attack on Akane in her bedroom before their upcoming match, Ranma, chasing P-Chan, accidentally knocks her off the dojo roof, then unknowingly rescues her. When she comes to and sees who "saved" her, she falls for Ranma. However, not only is Akane in the way, but also a strong pony-tailed girl who has the audacity to use her Ranma's name! Black roses are her trademarks. Sometimes they appear on her clothing, or she holds one between her teeth. Spins her lash-like ribbon in the air, sometimes casting black rose petals all around. Her favorite weapon is the ribbon, but she's apparently skilled with many. Gives bouquets of black roses loaded with exploding powder causing sleep or paralysis. Like her brother, she has a flair for drama, and often speaks with a very refined aire. She can also be equally difficult to deal with and quite tenacious when it comes to getting what she wants, which is usually Ranma. Personality: Obsessive, and arrogant like her brother, she is also a delinquent and never even considers fair play, and goes for what she wants without any consideration of how it would effect others - e.g. she wants to possess Ranma, and she doesn't care how. She is also better than her brother at understanding people's feelings - for example, she does know that Ranma doesn't love her.

Midorigame "green tortoise"

Kodachi's deceptively named pet, who gives Ranma a nasty surprise by being an alligator.
Principal Kuno:

Principal Kuno is the long-lost father of Tatewaki and Kodachi Kuno. After disappearing three years ago, he resurfaced at Furinkan to resume his duties as principal. He is the antagonistic authoritarian principal of the high school. When he returns from Hawaii with extreme Hawaiimania, he announces he has a big present for his students: a new rule that all boys must have marabouzu-style shaved heads and all girls have very short okappa haircuts... unless the students get a coconut containing an exemption slip within three days. He goes to extreme lengths in his attempts to cut Ranma's pigtail and make an example of him, but gets only several poundings. In the manga, the students force him to reveal that although he doesn't remember where that coconut with the exemption slip is, he tattooed directions to it on the shaved head of his long lost son Tatewaki, who he left behind 3 years ago. He makes crazy rules to inconvenience his students, especially Ranma, who thwarts his discipline. He has a bonsai palm tree growing on top of his head. He also has a deep tan, wears sunglasses, a lei, and an aloha shirt. Sometimes rides a skateboard.

Sarugakure "monkey + hide" Sasuke "help + assistance":

He is the Kuno's ninja, who defends the Kuno mansion against intruders with strange traps. Replaced Gosunkugi's role at the start of Ranma ˝.