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My Joe Page:

Joe Season 1Joe Kido: Frankly, Joe is a worrywart. But he's also very smart and studied constantly before he got sucked into Digiworld. Because he is constantly analyzing every situation, it takes Joe a long time to act or make a decision. But when he finally does do something he forgets about what might happen and can be a very brave guy. Seeing how the other kids tend to joke around and not think things all the way through, Joe takes it upon himself to be the one to always think about the consequences of the group's actions. Even though Joe may seem like a third wheel to the group--always complaining, worrying, and easily frightened--he can really come through for his friends.
Like Matt, Joe wonders exactly what kind of person he really is.
Joe has an older brother named Jim,Jim young who wants to be a doctor. Joe also has plans of being a doctor, but this is mainly because his father wants him to, not because he wants to. Jim helps the Digidestined.

Crest of Reliability
Joe has the Crest of Reliability, which is gray. With Gomamon to keep Joe from freaking out over his allergies and evil Digimon, these two just might make it!

Joe season 2Season 2: Joe goes to a different High School than Tai, Matt, Sora, and Izzy, which explains his different clothes. He's still studying to be a doctor, and still as reliable as ever. His brother is looking into the supernatural Jim Season 2.

Joe 25 years after Season 2
25 years later:
Joe is the Digiworld's first doctor. He has a son who looks like a miniature version of Joe.

Joe and his son

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