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My Izzy Page:

Izzy in Season 1 Koushiro Izumi (Izzy): Izzy is a computer freak and loves his laptop computer, which he carts around everywhere. He can use it to look up info on various Digimon, thanks to Gennai. Izzy is very curious, always trying to figure out the secrets of anything mysterious and unknown. His favorite expression is "Prodigious!" which means "Wow!" or "All right!" Because he is such an intellectual thinker Izzy sometimes totally spaces out while on the trail of data, forgetting and/or ignoring the things and people around him. This tends to annoy his friends a bit.
Once Izzy overheard his mom and dad talking about something they couldn't tell him, and this is the reason he is so curious about the origin of things. Recently they revealed to him that he was adopted. His dad explained that his father was a great mathematician, and that both his real parents died in a car accident. Izzy acquired his love for computers while trying to hide the fact that hed over heard their conversation, from his parents.

Crest of Knowledge
Izzy's Crest of the Crest of Knowledge. It's purple in color.

Izzy in Season 2Season 2: Izzy used to be president of the computer club, and often returns to his former school because one of the computers in the computer room is actually the gateway to Digiworld! He doesn't go to Digiworld as often as the other Digi-Destined. Instead he stays behind to help them by using the computer.

Izzy 25 years after Season 2
25 years later:
Izzy researches the Digiworld. He has one daughter. Together they have their own language.

Izzy and his daughter


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