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My Harumaki Page:

The ghost of an old man who enters Ranma's dreams. He wishes to relive a date with lost love Gyouko-san, whom Ranma-Chan reminds him of. One day while training in the back yard of the Tendo home, a young man arrives and asks Ranma if he has ever seen the old man in the picture. Ranma recognizes the old man as the same one from his dream. The young man brings Ranma to the hospital to introduce him to his grandfather, Harumaki. They tell Ranma that Harumaki's first love looks exactly like Ranma. Harumaki's spirit leaves his body and goes out with Ranma. When they arrive at the cherry tree where Harumaki had planned to elope with his lover they found that it had been cut down and a building now stood in its place. Unable to elope, Harumaki returned to his body, where Ranma learned that Harumaki's wife was actually the young lover that resembled him years ago.