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My SonGoten Page:

Gokuu's second son, born while Goku was dead (he is even a little afraid of his father when he first sees him). With 7 years of age he is much stronger and faster in comparison to his father and older brother at the same age (Gohan is 16 at this time). In appearance he's very similar to Goku (though at the end of the series he doesn't look anything like his father). Apparently, the genetic coding for hair in Saiyajin lower-level warrior males comes from a limited pool, for Goku's father Bardock also had similar hair and a totally unrelated lower-level warrior, Tulece also had a similar hair-do. He first becomes Super Saiya-jin when practicing with his mother. He is slightly weaker and slower than his friend Trunks (Trunks is one year older) to which he fuses to become Gotenks.
At the end of the series Goten had become really lazy, so his fighting tecniques have not improved much. He is half Saiyan half human.

Goten is a boy full of energy who has learned basic martial arts skills from his mom, training with his best friend, Trunks, and from his brother Gohan. His innate fighting ability inherited from his father, just like Gohan, is great. He has naturally mastered, along with Trunks, Supersaiyajin without going through special training or using anger as a trigger.
Goten enjoys playing and fighting more than studying, for apparently, Chichi was less harsh on him than his older brother. He enters the 25th Tenkaichibudoukai, which turns out to be a kind of reunion of sorts, since the late Goku was granted special permission to visit the real world and attend the tournament for one day. Thus, Goten sees his father for the first time.
In the Kid's Division of the Tournament, Goten ends up fighting Trunks for the championship, and narrowly ends up with second place. Goten and Trunks also enter the Adult Division, masquerading as another fighter, Mighty Mask. During the Buu confrontations, Goku, with his limited time on earth, teaches Goten and Trunks a new technique he learned while he was in the other world-Fusion. Fusion, a technique of the Metamoru Aliens, allows two fighters of similar power levels to fuse to become one, stronger fighter. With this technique, the two kids become Gotenks, an almost totally different character-a haughty one at that. Gotenks successfully fights evil Buu, but like Ultraman, time runs out, before Buu is completely defeated. Ten years later, in the epilogue, Goten is a teenager leading an ordinary life, trying to date girls.