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Kari's Digimon:

  • Number: 343
  • Level: Baby
  • Group: Micro
  • Type: -
  • Attack: Bubble blow
    Kari's Baby digimon is Snowbotamon (YukimiBotamon).

  • Number: 92
  • Level: In-training
  • Group: Micro
  • Type: -
  • Size: 6G
  • Attack: Tail whip
    Kariís in training Digimon is Nyaromon (Nyalomon), a little yellow and purple In-Training kitty head. When the Digi-destinedís Digimon were still in their Digi-eggs, Gennai dropped Gatomonís egg and since then, has been waiting for someone she knew was coming for her. She is a good Digimon and hates to see others in pain.
  • Number: 93
  • Level: Rookie
  • Group: Mammal
  • Type: Vaccine
  • Size: 15G
  • Attack: Puppy Howling
  • Attack 2: Petty Punch
    When Nyaromon digi-volved to Salamon (Plotmon), she began searching for that special someone. While she searched she met Myotismon, who took her in and taught her to be evil.
  • Number: 67
  • Level: Champion
  • Group: Animal
  • Type: Vaccine
  • Size: 10G
  • Attack: Lightning Claw
  • Attack 2: Cat's eye hynotism
    Kariís Champion Digimon is Gatomon (Tailmon). Gatomon is often known for her attitude. Gatomon had a rough life. She never knew her purpose in life and after being lost in the wilderness and growing up by herself, she befriended Wizardmon by saving his life. When Gatomon, as Myotismon's loyal henchman, comes with the vampire Digimon to the Digiworld, her friend Wizardmon reminds her of her forgotten past, and she discovers Kari is the one she has been waiting for! She is the eighth Digidestined Digimon! Gatomon has a great sense humour and often shares a wise-crack about her kitten lineage.
    In Season 2 Gatomon is still the only Digi-Destined Digimon who stays in her Champion form. Running from the Digimon Emperor, she lost her tail ring and with it a lot of her power, making her about as strong as the other Rookies now. But she remains with Kari to fight for the Digiworld. Like Patamon, she doesn't devolve to a Rookie or In-Training stage when she goes to the real world.
    At the end of season 2 she gets her tail ring back from Geni. He tells her it was important as it's power stopped the Evil Digimon from getting to strong and allowed them to DNA Digivolve.
    Malomyotismon and the Digimon Emperor based the Dark Rings on Gatomons tail ring to spite her.
  • Number: 84
  • Level: Ultimate
  • Group: Angel
  • Type: Vaccine
  • Size: 20G
  • Attack: Celestial Arrow
  • Attack 2: Hand of Fate
  • Attack 3: Heaven's Charm: she gathers energy and releases it at her enemy
  • Special Ability: Flying
    Her Ultimate form is Angewomon, the feminine counterpart to Angemon. She is a no-nonsense Angel who knows how to take charge and deal with the forces of evil. But deep down she is a real lady.
  • Number: 143
  • Level: Mega
  • Group: Sea Animal
  • Type: Vaccine
  • Attack: Fire Tornado
  • Attack 2: Dragon Fire
    Kari's Mega digimon is Magnadramon. It does not feature in the anime series but it does in Digimon the Movie.
  • Number: 296
  • Level: Armor
  • Group: Holy Beast
  • Type: Vaccine
  • Attack: Rosetta Stone
  • Special Ability: Flying
    Gatomon can now armor digi-volve using the Digi-Egg of Light. Her Armor form is Nefertimon: The Angel of Light, a sphinx-like Digimon. Her attacks are Golden Noose and Rosetta Stone.

    Gatomon can DNA Digivolve with Aquilamon to form Silphymon


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