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  • The Main Digidestined!
  • Digimon of the Digidestined (Baby to Mega)
  • Other Digidestined
  • Digieggs/ Digimentals- armor digimon and their attacks
  • DNA Digimon
  • Digidestined's digimon Attacks:
  • DigiGuardians
  • Digitamers
  • Villains

  • The digimon attacks forTai,Sora, Mimi, Joe, Matt and Izzy
  • TK and Karis Digimon Attacks
  • Digimon attacks for Davis, Yolei, Cody and Ken
  • Willis and Michael's Digimon attacks
  • Absolutely 100% Digimon!

    Season 1 Digmon

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    This website has been set up for the enjoyment of myself and the fans. I would like you to enjoy this and others to enjoy so here are a few pointers:

  • Feel free to use any pictures on this site. They are to be enjoyed, if it's good enough for my site it's good enough for yours. Pictures should be free and not particularly owned by anyone except the artist. But...
  • Don't steal fan art. Someone has taken time drawing it and may not want anyone else to have it. Always ask before you take, it may turn out they don't mind.
  • If you do take pictures it would be nice if you could link me to your page. It is not a necessity so don't feel you have to, it would just be a nice guesture.
  • I would like to get more links but it is hard as many people have banners, so if you have your own website please could you send me your html code if you have a banner or if not just the name of your site and the address.

    Thank you for visiting my site!


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