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South American Digidestined:

  • Name: Rosa
  • Digimon Partner: Gotsumon -Monochromon
  • Area: Mexico
  • Info: She is a young energetic Mexican girl who's partner is Gotsumon. She has a crush on Ken, and constantly fights with Wormmon. However she really likes stingmon. She used her D-3 to Digivolve her Gatosumon into Monochromon to defeat Dokugumon. She is one of the youngest Digidestined.
  • Number: 77
  • Level: Rookie
  • Kind: Rock
  • Type: Data
  • Attacks: Rock Fist/ Crazy Crusher
    Gotsumon and Pumpkinmon were two of the henchmen that Myotismon took with him to the real world to search for the eight Digidestined. However, Gotsumon and Pumpkinmon were more interested in mischief, pranks, and having a good time. When Matt, Gabumon, and T.K. met up with them while searching for Patamon, the two Digimon were soon frolicking with the Digidestined, rather than trying to fight them. Although their methods weren't always legal or safe, their hearts sought fun, rather than evil and it touched Matt and T.K. enough to befriend them. Myotismon soon met up with the entire group though and banished/destroyed the henchmen that had failed him.
    Later, in season 2, the Digidestined rescued several Gotsumon from the Digimon Emperor's prison. They were being forced to fight each other under the Emperor's control. In an attempt to keep the Emperor from recapturing them, the group brought them to the real world, where Cody came up with the excuse of saying they were his first attempts at sculpting while the Gotsumon held poses.
  • Number: 20
  • Level: Champion
  • Kind: Dinosaur
  • Type: Data
  • Attacks: Volcanic Strike/ Slamming Attack
    Digivolved from Gotsumon
    Monochromon were one of the first few Digimon the Digi-Destined met in the Digital World, and that was when they believed they were being hunted down to be eaten by one. However, soon another showed on scene and a battle between the two erupted, giving the Digi-destined enough time to make their escape.
    Monochromon have also been spotted in the servitude of Etemon, forced to pull his mobile command center around Server.
    During Season 2, the Digimon Emperor used a Monochromon to chase the Digi-destined out of the cave where Davis found Veemon.