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European Digidestined:

  • Name: Catherine
  • Digimon Partner: Floramon -Kiwimon
  • Area: France
  • Info: Catherine is the only French Digidestined we get to know well. Her charming good looks and sparkling personality has TK, Tai, and TK's Grandfather all hooked under her spell (in other words, they all have a crush on her). She’s a classic blonde and looks like she just stepped out of Christmas.


  • Number: 105
  • Level: Rookie
  • Kind: Vegetation
  • Type: Data
  • Attacks: Rain of Pollen/ Stamen Rope Floramon once served as one of Puppetmon's playmates. Running into the Digidestined, Floramon joined them in an attempt to break free of Puppetmon's games.
    Then in Season 2 they become slaves of the Digimon Emperor along with Mushroommon. The Digidestined manage to get a Shogungekomon to destroy the Dark Spire and the Floramon go back to their nice peaceful selves.
  • Number: 102
  • Level: Champion
  • Kind: Ancient Bird
  • Type: Data
  • Attacks: Pummel Peck/ High Jumping Kick
    Digivolved from Floramon.
    Kiwimon is one of the very few loyal subjects of Puppetmon. While Puppetmon was busy playing with T.K, Kiwimon was sent to attack the Digidestined. It was during this battle that Matt learned that his Crest of Friendship no longer functioned. Instead of having MetalGarurumon save the day, Sora's Birdramon stepped up and finished off Kiwimon.

  • Names: ??
  • Digimon Partners: 2 Gazimon, 2 Gotsumon, Elecmon, 2 Gobuimon's, and Redveggiemon
  • Area: France Info: French Digidestined, appear to be friends of Catherine.
  • Nummer: 47
  • Level: Beginner
  • Soort: Zoogdier
  • Type: Virus
  • Attack:Electric Stun Blast/ Pitfall
    Gazimon are the servant henchmen of Etemon. Their rabbit-like form is made more dangerous by sharp claws and teeth, readying them, at least physically, for battle. However, they often provide more of a comical relief purpose. Etemon uses Gazimon to operate his large Dark Network and isn't afraid to put them in their place when they get out of line.
  • Number: 77
  • Level: Rookie
  • Kind: Rock
  • Type: Data
  • Attacks: Rock Fist/ Crazy Crusher
    Gotsumon and Pumpkinmon were two of the henchmen that Myotismon took with him to the real world to search for the eight Digidestined. However, Gotsumon and Pumpkinmon were more interested in mischief, pranks, and having a good time. When Matt, Gabumon, and T.K. met up with them while searching for Patamon, the two Digimon were soon frolicking with the Digidestined, rather than trying to fight them. Although their methods weren't always legal or safe, their hearts sought fun, rather than evil and it touched Matt and T.K. enough to befriend them. Myotismon soon met up with the entire group though and banished/destroyed the henchmen that had failed him.
    Later, in season 2, the Digidestined rescued several Gotsumon from the Digimon Emperor's prison. They were being forced to fight each other under the Emperor's control. In an attempt to keep the Emperor from recapturing them, the group brought them to the real world, where Cody came up with the excuse of saying they were his first attempts at sculpting while the Gotsumon held poses.


  • Number: 38
  • Level: Rookie
  • Kind: Mammal
  • Type: Data
  • Attacks: Super Thunder Strike/ Sparkling Thunder/ Body Attack
    Elecmon is the guardian and caretaker of Primary Village. He cares for baby Digimon as they hatch from Digi-Eggs until they grow up enough to fend for themselves. He appears to also have gained a fondness for Matt's harmonica
  • Number: 111
  • Level: Champion
  • Kind: Vegetation
  • Type: Virus
  • Attacks: Rotten Rainballs/ Poison Ivy
    RedVegiemon was one of the many minions of Puppetmon in his forest domain. Their efforts were not successful, however.
    In Season 2, the Digimon Emperor uses them as Slave Masters to keep the other Digimon in line. One of them gives both Gabumon and Veemon quite a beating.