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Australian Digidestined:

  • Name: Derek
  • Digimon Partner: Crabmon -Scorpiomon
  • Area: Sydney, Australia
  • Info: Is very friendly to Joe and Cody, and helps them defeat 3 virus Digimon, Shellmon, and other Digimon. He has curly brown hair.
  • Number: 150
  • Level: Rookie
  • Kind: Crustacean
  • Type: Data
  • Attacks: Scissor Magic/ Crab Meat Bomber
  • Number: 100
  • Level: Ultimate
  • Kind: Crustacean
  • Type: Data
  • Attacks: Tail Blade/ Twin Sword
  • He is digivolved from Crabmon.
    Scorpiomon was one of the servants of MetalSeadramon. Because of his fondness of clams the Digidestined defeated him.

  • Names: Unknown
  • Digimon Partners: Gizamon, Scubamon and a third
  • Area: Sydney, Australia
  • Info: They all appear to be friends of Derek’s.
  • Number: 81
  • Level: Rookie
  • Kind: Mammal
  • Type: Virus
  • Attacks: Spiral Saw/ 4-Leg Kick
    Gizamon have been seen twice in the show. The first time was in the real world when they attacked a car. The second time, they were being used by the Digimon Emperor to build a new prison for the Digimon he enslaves.