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Asian Digidestined:

  • Name: Hoi Brothers
  • Digimon Partners: 3 Shakomons -Octomons
  • Area: Hong Kong, China
  • Info: The Hoi brothers are sons of an owner of a Chinese restaurant. They all like Kari, and all three constantly drool and fight over her.
  • Number: 130
  • Level: Champion
  • Kind: Mollusk
  • Type: Virus
  • Attacks: Spurting Ink/Octopus Trap

  • Name: Mina
  • Digimon Partner: Meramon
  • Area: India
  • Info: The only Indian Digidestined known. She is a pacifist and got upset when the Chinese army wouldn't allow her and the Digimon across the China- India border, at first.
  • Number:22
  • Level: Champion
  • Kind: Fire
  • Type: Data
  • Attacks: Fire Ball/ Roaring Flame
    Meramon is the guardian of the volcano in the Digital World. However, when a black gear possesses him, he turns on the city at the base of the volcano and descends to attack it and the DigiDestined! Biyomon stays behind to fight Meramon while everyone else tries to escape, but ends up getting a bit too close to Meramon and Sora runs to save her.
    In Season 2, the Digimon Emperor used several Meramon to distract the DigiDestined while he captured Greymon.

  • Name: ???
  • Digimon Partner: ???
  • Area: China?
  • Info: Not much is known about this Digidestined.