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DNA/Jogress Digivolving

DNA/Jogress digivolving is when two Digimon combine/digivolve into one Cool Ultimate or Mega Digimon!!! We first see this in the Digimon Movie (Movie 2 in Japan (I think)) and then again in series 2.


Ken and Davis:When Arukenimon, a powerful Ultimate Digimon, appeared as their new enemy the Digi-Destined needed help. That help came to them in a new way to digi-volve, called DNA digi-volving! ExVeemon and Stingmon combine into a single entity: Paildramon. This Digimon has the power of an Ultimate. His main attack is Desperado Blaster. The guns on his hips fire bullets of blue energy.
Attacks: Desperado Blaster, Cable Catcher, Sting Strike


Mega version of Paildramon. When Davisí and Kenís Digimon DNA Digivolve in the last episode of Season 2 (into Paildramon) the power from all the Digidestinedís Digivices gives Paildramon the power to transform to Mega level. He then defeats Malomyotismon.
This huge Digimon'a attack is Positron Laser. The cannon on his back fires an impressive beam. Imperialdramon can fly so fast he travels all around the world in moments. He has a force field to protect the people riding on him. This Mega Digimon also does something not found in any other Digimon: he can Mode Change into a Fighter Mode, which looks more humanoid and is stronger. Imperialdramon: Fighter Mode also uses Positron Laser, but it is on his arm.
Mega Death / Positron Laser Mega
- Fighter Mode Giga Death / Positron Laser Mega (2nd form)
- Paladin Mode Omega Blade / Giga Death Mega (The Omega Sword is formed from Omnimon)


Kari and Yolei:When Kari and Yolei have an adventure in the dark ocean world with Ken, Gatomon and Aquilamon DNA digi-volve into Silphymon! This cool-looking Digimon's attack is Static Force. He (yes, he, according to how the other characters on the show address him) forms a ball of pink and red light between his hands and hurls it at his enemies. Another attack is Astral laser.


TK and Cody: I have little info (but then again I have little info on everything). Ankylomon and Angemon digivolve to form Shakkoumon. I think he's supposed to represent a Japanese artifact type thing??? Is at Ultimate level

  • Level: Mega
  • Group: Beast Man
  • Type: Vaccine
  • Size: 35GB
  • Attacks: Viking Axe, Arctic Blizzard
    The Digivolved form of Shakkoumon


    Izzy discovered a way to turn the emails against Diaboromon (the evil Digimon in the movie) and strenthen WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon at the same time. With the extra strength, WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon miraculously into Omnimon, finally able to defeat Diaboromon. He is first seen in the 2nd Japanese Movie and in the english movie "Digimon The Movie". His attacks are Transcended Sword and Supreme Cannon.