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My Cody Page:

Cody Season 2Cody is the youngest of the Digi-Destined now. Even though he's young, he's very serious and formal. His father Cody's dadis deceased, which may explain that behavior. His father Hiroki, was in the Police force but passed away. He used to be friends with Oikawa but his father (Codyís Grandfather) thought they were seeing too much of each other. He and Oikawa were Digidestined but never made it too the Digital world.
He lives in the same apartment building as T.K. and Yolei and knew the older girl before they became Digi-Destined. Cody fears that because he's the youngest Digi-Destined, no one will take him or his ideas seriously. He is very close to his grandfatherCody's Grandfather, who teaches him kendo (the Japanese form of fencing) and moral values. He is rather strange and comes out with all these strange things like: Thereís nothing better than a glass of prune juice and I use to eat my yoghurt with a spoon but I found out itís more fun to drink it. Cody looks up to his Grandfather and will do a lot to please him. He also learns a lot from him, like not lying.
Cody also lives with his mother.

Cody's Digimon: Upamon > Armadillomon > Ankylomon
Armor Digimon: Digmon, Submarimon
DNA Digimon: Shakkoumon

Cody 25 years after Season 2
25 years later:
Cody became a defence attorney. He bought 100 briefcases because Armadillomon kept sitting on them. He has one daughter.

Cody and his Daughter

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