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Sora's Digimon:

Sora's Baby Digimon is Nyokomon.

  • Number: 3
  • Level: In-training
  • Group: Micro
  • Type: Vaccine
  • Size: 4G
  • Attack: Bubble blow
    Yokomon(pyokomon) is the In-Training Digimon that first came to Sora when they entered the digital world. Her appearance is that of a pink radish with blue leaves, curlers, and big green eyes. She is the smallest Digimon in the Digital world. She is very trusting and always believes that the good guys will win.
  • Number: 10
  • Level: Rookie
  • Group: Bird
  • Type: Vaccine
  • Size: 15G
  • Attack: Spiral Twister (Magiacl Fire)
  • Attack 2: Pecking Attack
    When Yokomon digi-volves into Biyomon (piyomon), a pink parrot-like Digimon, her pink bubble attack is replaced with her Spiral Twister, a twirling green beam of energy. Biyomon is an optimistic little Digimon. She tries to get Sora to lighten up and smile once in a while, to enjoy the world around her. Even though she can't fly properly, she will stand up to mighty Digimon like Meramon. She helps Sora to understand her mother and they develop their relationships. Sora and Biyomon are the sensible and sensitive pair of the group.
  • Number: 21
  • Level: Champion
  • Group: Bird
  • Type: Vaccine/ Data
  • Size: 30G
  • Attack: Volcanic Strike/ Fire Flapping
  • Attack 2: Slamming Attack
  • Attack 3: Meteor Wing: fireballs explode from her wings
  • Special Ability: Flying
    Sora’s Champion digimon is Birdramon, a giant orange bird with sharp teeth coming from her beak. She can protect all her friends while they're exploring the digital world with her powerful attacks and flying ability. He is very loyal and a great friend.
  • Number: 65
  • Level: Ultimate
  • Group: Bird
  • Type: Vaccine
  • Size: 25G
  • Attack: Wing Blade: a flaming bird that dives as her enemies
  • Attack 2: Eagle claw
  • Special Ability: Flying
    Garudamon is the digivolution of Birdramon and is in Ultimate form. She/he is a large red Digimon with arms and legs as well as wings. She is noble and stands up for what she believes in.

  • Number: 168
  • Level: Mega
  • Group: Bird
  • Type: Vaccine
  • Attack: Star light explosion
  • Attack 2: Crimson Flame
  • Special Ability: Flying
    Sora's mega digimon is Phoenixmon. This Digimon does not feature in the anime series.


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