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My Bardock Page:

Goku's and Raditz's father (we know nothing about their mother). Many years aho about the same time that SonGokuu was send to Earth, his father and other Saiya-jin fought against Freeza (Freeza was afraid of the power of the Saiyans ), like most of the Saiyans he was killed by Freeza (this fight motivated the destruction of the Saiyan-jin planet: Vejiita)- so after this, the only remaining pure Saiyans are: SonGokuu, Raditz (now dead), Nappa (also dead) and Vejiita.
He only appears once in the manga series, in a comment made by Freezer. During the Planet Namek Episodes, Freezer recognizes Goku's face, and recalls that he had seen it before when he was destroying Planet Vegeta. The face is similar to the leader of the stubborn resistance movement against Freezer's invasion, Bardock.
The whole saga about Bardock and the origins of Goku is portrayed in a TV Special, Tatta HitoriNo Saishuu Kessen (The Lone Warrior and the Final Battle). He is a lower level warrior, and a cold parent; he does not care much for his newborn Goku, who has low power. Later, he faces Freeza alone, but perishes in a huge energy ball that also destroys Planet Vegeta. His trademark is his bandana.