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Cody's Digimon:


  • Level: Baby
  • Group: Micro
  • Type: Data
  • Size: 5G
  • Attack: Bubble blow
    Tsubumon is the baby form of Armadillomon. He's very small and weak and his best defense is running away. He's also very chatty, and is a good coversationalist.

  • Level: In-Training
  • Group: Micro
  • Size: 10G
  • Attack: Shock Shout (Upamon blasts a concentration of sound at his opponent), Bubble Blow
    In the real world Armadillomon stays in his In-Training form, Upamon. He returns to Armadillomon when he goes back to Digiworld. Upamon is very small and not very strong. It loves to eat and tries to keep Cody happy.

  • Level: Rookie
  • Group: Animal
  • Type: Vaccine
  • Size: 10GB
  • Attacks: Diamond Shell (He rolls himself into a ball to attack), Scratch Attack
  • Special Ability: Digging
    Armadillomon is a laid back Digimon who mostly worries about when his next nap will come. He speaks with a heavy southern drawl. Found in the same temple as Hawkmon, he was under the Digi-Egg of Knowledge. Though he seems a bit slow, he's a friendly enough fellow. He is Cody's loyal companion and protector. He enjoys eating as much as Upamon and has total faith in Cody.

  • Level: Champion
  • Group: Dinosaur
  • Type: Vaccine
  • Size: 40GB
  • Attack: Tail Hammer
  • Special Ability: Digging
    Armadillomon's Champion form is Ankylomon. This large Digimon's attack is called Tail Hammer. He first digi-volved to his Champion form to protect Cody from Thundermon, an attacking Digimon.

  • Armour Digimon
    Digmon is the product of Armadillomon armor digi-volving with the Digi-egg of Knowledge. This large golden Digimon uses an attack called Gold Rush, which is when the spinning drills of his nose, hands, and fingers shoot at his enemies. Another attack is Rock Cracking, where he drills into something (usually the ground) and cracks it open. Formally known as The Drill of Power, Digmon changed to The Drill of Knowledge during episode 75.

  • Armour Digimon
    When Joe was finally able to convince Cody that he really was reliable and trustworthy, Armadillomon armor digi-volved to Submarimon: Guardian of the Seas. In this form he is a submarine which Cody can actually ride inside! Wow!! Submarimon's attacks are Oxygen Torpedo and Submarine Attack.

    Ankylomon can DNA Digivolve with Angemon to form Shakkoumon. Then into the mega digimon Vikemon(See DNA Digimon)

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