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Absolutely 100% Ranma 1/2

So What's Ranma 1/2?

The story of a teenaged martial artist called Ranma Saotmoe, who's father took him on a decade-long training mission to China. After going to the training grounds, Jusenkyo, both fall into cursed springs. From now on a splash of cold water changes Mr. Saotome into a giant panda, while Ranma changes into a female version of himself. Hot water reverses the effects, but only until the next time...
It's a martial arts sex comedy and one of the best mangas by Rumiko Takahashi!

The story is set in Japan, and starts off with the arrival of a panda and a girl. Guess who it is, Ranma and Mr. Saotome. It turns out Ranma changes into a girl in cold water and back to a boy in hot water. The story revolves generally around Ranma and Akane (who are supposed to be engaged as arranged by their parents) as well as their various admirers who are trying to win them over for themselves.
Like many romantic anime, the couple never made their feelings for each other known, and throughout the series, we see a couple who are constantly squabbling and yet not once did they not hint to their audience how much they actually mean to each other.
Almost every episode is one way or another related to the attempts by their rival-in-love's attempts to break them up.
And if itís not bad enough that Ranma turns into a girl you should see what some of the other characters get up to.


The Characters

The relationship between Ranma and Akane

Relationships between characters

The Jusenkyo Hot Springs!

Places in the Ranma 1/2 world!

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