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††††††††† many items are not going to be restocked. Therefore there is an enormous sale at their site. Act now!! Here are a few items to buy at the site.


Sailor Moon Wall Scroll


Sailor Moon: S Series:

The Love War


Sailor Moon Ruler


†††††††††† You can also find videos, DVDís, and a lot of manga at


Web Pages

††††††††††† This part of the newsletter will be for web sites that I think are extraordinary and one of a kind. If you think you web page should be listed here e-mail me (

††††††††††† The Moon Kingdom

ß         This is a very unique site that has plenty of things to do.

ß         My fav parts was the senshi makeovers and Reiís fire reading



††††††††††† Unfortunately no fanfics have been sent in but as soon as they are I will post a link to them.


Fan art

††††††††††† Same as fanfics.


Pics of The Month

††††††††††† Since it is summer time I am going to post the summer pics of the scouts. All work and no play makes Usagi a sad girl.






††††††††††† This is kinda like fill in the blank or missing phrase. Put in something funny for the scouts to say and win an award. Just right click on the image below and save it. Using any paint program you like put the phrase you want.



††††††††††† In a 2 more months my web page .:.::.:.Moon of Dreams.:.::.:.will be celebrating itís 1st birthday. I will be posting a new layout in August for the special event and hopefully I will have many things on the page. If you have any ideas, comments, or suggestions on what I should do to make this page different or more unique e-mail me ( )

††††††††††† If you would like to send articles, announcements, or classifieds to be posted on this section of the page e-mail me and it will be done.


††††††††††† This is my first newsletter and I hope you all enjoyed it.



†††††† ~DreamyUsa~