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~*My Drawings*~

~*~ Ok, they're not the best drawings, but hey I just started drawing - or trying to draw - Japanese characters on New Year's (yesterday)! So be nice! LoL Oh and if you decide to use one or more of them, please let me know and gimme some credit aiight? Thanx! ~*~

~*Lady Celestia*~

~*~ Here's how I picture my original character, the Lady Knight Celestia Eternity, ruler of the Eternity Realm. I kinda like how she came out, being the third attempt at drawing...~*~


~*~ This is the first original guy character I've ever drawn. It looks pretty good for a first try, rite? No don't answer that. ~*~


~*~ Here's my first attempt at drawing Japanese style. Don't laugh! ~*~