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~*~ The Book of the Lady Knight~*~

Author's Note:
* means thought
" means speaking

Chapter One

~*~ Through the hidden gate, across time and space, is the Kingdom of Eternity. It's a place of eternal peace, happiness, and beauty. This kingdom is ruled by the royal family, Eternity. It is matriarchal and has been since the beginning of time. The current ruler is Empress Amara Eternity. Like all empresses, she prefers to go by the name Eternity. She rules the Eternal Realm in the kingdom. Her sister rules the Eternity Realm. Her name is Celestia.
~*~ Lady Celestia is the first and only Lady Knight in the history of this kingdom. As sister to the empress and next in line for the throne, she had the option to be the Royal Ministress - advisor and ambassador of the kingdom. She surprised everyone by turning down the offer and insist on being knighted. Her becoming a knigh was not that bad of an idea. She was, after all, the best swordsman, or swordswoman, in all the kingdoms. This book revolves around her and her life. The time period is just after the 7-year War - 2000 a.d.

CLING! The two blades clashed against each other, making sparks.
"Come on, you can do better than that!" one of the masked swordsmen taunted.
CLING! CLANG! CLING! CLANG! CLING! The other swordsman did a series of quick slashing at the taunting swordsman, forcing him to the wall.
CLANG! The second swordsman swung his blade at the other, forcing him to defend himself by dropping and rolling under his attack.
Too late to check his attack, the swordsman's sword hit the wall, causing some rocks to fall.
Below, a beautiful, young maiden was picking flowers. All of a sudden rocks dropped from the sky, crushing a flower she was about to pick. She screamed in surprise and looked up to see where the rocks fell from. She saw two battling knights on the castle ruins, their blades reflecting the light of the morning sun at their backs. She laughed, softly. "Battling again?"
Back on the ruins, the first knight did a move in the shape of a butterfly that disarmed the opponent. The knight pointed the sword at the other's chest. "Do you surrender?"
"I surrender," the other knight said reluctantly.
Just then a powerful wind struck up. The victorious knight smiled. "Ah, perfect timing."
Shortly after the gust of wind, a flying dragon with a rider flew overhead. the silver-haired Dragon Keeper glanced down.
"Fighting again? Who won THIS time?" she asked.
"I did," the taunting knight replied, taking the protective mask off.
Waves of silky, raven-colored hair tumbled out from under the helmet. The knight shook her head and ran her fingers through her long hair once before tying it up.
"That's seven times now that I've beaten you,"the Lady Knight declared triumphantly.
The other knight took off his helmet as well, displaying oddly colored, orange eyes. "Yes, we're tied," the Captain of the Royal Guard said defensively.
"We have to do a tie-breaker!" Lady Celestia exclaimed eagerly, ready to fight again.
"Later,"the captain said, his pride slightly deflated. He looked up at the Dragon Keeper. "Where are you headed?"
"The dragons require my presence, so I am going to them," Tzarina Acia said simply before continuing to fly to the dragons' den.
Lord Fornax watched her go wondering, *Why is she always so uptight? She's so much like me...she's probably the only one who'd understand me...*
Lady Celestia watched Acia go as well. "You still got it bad for her?" she asked Fornax, half-teasing.
The captain turned to glare at her. "I don't know what you're talking about," he muttered, brushing past her.
"Wait! Where are you going?" Celestia asked, sheathing her sword.
"It is of no concern to you," he told her, not even looking back.
Celestia frowned and let him go. "Sore loser..." she mumbled.
Celestia turned at the mention of her name. "Yes? What is it?"
A maiden with long purple hair ran to her. "I saw you battling. Who won this time?"
Celestia grinned. "I did. Now we're tied. He owes me a tie-breaker."
The princess looked about her. "Where is he?"
The lady knight waved her hand dismissively. "Oh, he went off somewhere to sulk."
Princess Davina laughed. "Anyway, Eternity wishes to see you. She says it's very important."
"Another important request?" Celestia muttered wryly.
"What was that?" Davina asked.
"Nothing...Okay, tell the others I'm going to visit Eternity."
"Alright," she agreed.
Celestia climbed down the ruins and walked to the Gateway that transported you to other realms and kingdoms.
A mage greeted her. "Good morning, Lady Celestia. Where do you wish to travel?"
"Where else? Empress Eternity requests my presence at her realm."
The mage bowed, chanted a spell, then opened the doors of the gate. "You may proceed to the Eternal Realm."
"Thanks," she said as she stepped through the gate. Immediately she was in front of the castle gates of the Eternal Realm.
"Halt! Who goes there?" the guard asked. "Oh, Lady Celestia! Come in, come in!" He yelled over to his subordinates,"Open the gate!"
Slowly the gate doors were opened, then the portcullis, then the smaller gate doors.
*Still heavily guarded when the war's already over...* Celestia thought bemusedly.
She went through the town with ease - her being there so many times helped her memorize the streets and alleyways like the back of her hand.
Instead of entering the great castle through the main castle gates, the lady knight took a shortcut that led her to the library, part of the hallway that was directly opposite to the empress's quarters.
The bookcase slid open and Celestia slipped through quietly...and in a flash brought up her sword to block an attack.
"Relax, Heero, it's only me," Celestia told her attacker.
Heero sheathed his sword. "Why don't you ever use the main gate?"
"Too much trouble," I replied, grinning. "Everyone always bows, extends courtesies, etc., and etiquette requires me to respond the same way graciously and - ugh! I just can't stand it!" Celestia complained. She looked at Heero and blushed. "Sorry. It's no wonder Eternity has to...yeah well...let's go." She walked past Heero to the library door.
*Geez, how can Eternity stand this guy? I'll never understand it. Am I the only one who finds his gaze unnerving?* Celestia thought, frowning, as she stepped out into the hallway. The sound of music echoed off the walls. She crossed over to the great doors across the corridor and placed her hand on the sensor. After about ten seconds the doors opened. Celestia entered with Heero close behind her. The sound of music being played on a violin grew louder. Abruptly, it stopped.
*Oh boy. Here it comes...* Celestia thought resignedly.
"Elle!" someone shrieked. A pillow hit her in the face. Following the pillow was the Empress of Eternity. The force of the twenty-one year old tackling Celestia caused her to stumble backward a little. Heero nimbly moved out of the way. "I'm so glad you came! It's so boring's already been a month since we did...Oh hi Heero!" Eternity said innocently. She then continued to tackle Celestia with the pillow. Celestia also brought a pillow over by telekinesis and started hitting Eternity back.
"PILLOW FIGHT!" Eternity shouted. After around half an hour of feathers flying, giggling, and beating with pillows, the two sisters stopped.
"Hello again, Heero. Were you waiting for me?" asked Eternity.
"Okay then!" Eternity shouted. She ran into Heero's arms. For the first time, Celestia saw Heero smile, if you could call a smirk a smile.
Then Heero put Eternity down and kissed her forehead. "Be good..." he said before he walked off. Eternity gave a put and waited until he left the room.
"Ready Celestia?" Eternity asked.
*Sigh* thought Celestia. *Oh well, I'll just have a little fun, too.*
Just when Eternity was about to transform them both into their disguises, she stopped and her face turned vivid with rage. She stormed out of her chambers into the war room with a puzzled Celestia at her heels.
"I take it that you received my telepathic message?" Heero questioned.
"Yeah and I also got a really nasty vibe. What's going on?" Eternity asked quickly.
"The Kingdom of Darkness is striking Pansy City in the Floral Kingdom. The attack is led by Draco, the head dragon of Eve. It is rumored that she is using this strike force to get an item to use for a spell to break the talisman that you and Celestia put up," Heero informed. He seemed calm except for the occasional aggravated flutter of wings, showing his concern.
"Then we'll send back up troops to the Floral Kingdom while we take a visit to the Kingdom of Darkness," Eternity said.
"Eternity, please think about what you are doing," said Celestia, knowing how rash Eternity was when she was angry.
"She's right. Is it really that safe to leave the whole kingdom practically defenseless?"
"Desperate times call for desperate measures. We will not leave Eternity Kingdom defenseless and would you rather have a repeat of history? A repeat of the Seven Years' War?" Neither Celestia nor Heero disagreed. "So...this is what we do..."
For the next eight hours, Celestia, Heero, and Eternity planned what they would do, occasionally stopping fot some food. What originally was supposed to be another prank Eternity thought up became a war meeting to discuss matters of state.
By the end of our long meeting, it was decided that they send Acia and Fornax, along with the Knights of Eternity, to Pansy City while Eternity, Heero, and Celestia went to the Kingdom of Darkness.
"We'll leave first thing tomorrow," Eternity said firmly, standing. She turned to me apologetically. "Sorry for having kept you here for so long. You'd better leave soon or your Court will miss you."
Celestia took the hint they wanted her gone and gave both her sister and Heero a knowing smirk before quitting the room.
Celestia went out the way she came in - through the library. As she entered the alley, she drew back into the shadows quickly. A man was standing nearby, looking as if he was waiting for someone to emerge from where she came. He was looking the other way, though.
Quick as lightning, yet silent as a shadow, Celestia put the man in a chokehold, her dagger at his throat. "Who are you waiting for, handsome?" she drawled softly.
Just then, the setting sun's rays hit them, causing the man's emblem on his cloak to become more visible. Celestia glanced at it, then let the man go. It was a crescent moon overlapping a sun.
Flushed with embarrassment, she sheathed her dagger in its hiding place on her forearm, under her sleeve. "Orios, what are you doing here?"
"Tiyaria and Eslin were worried about you since you were gone for so long and they sent me to check up on you," Orion explained, a bit embarrassed at Celestia's being able to sneak up on him.
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