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June 1st, 2001
Hello everyone and welcome to my website. Hm... well If you must know I'm not going to be updating this site for a LONG LONG LONG time .. like as in NEVER or maybe it might take me some time but it will take awhile. I have this new web site aNim3 wUnd3rL@nd. It is up and running. I just made it a couple of days ago ... June something something, during the time of "last weeks of school". Anyways, I won't be transfering any of this shit on it because I want to make it better and I'm sure that you'll be very proud of me when you see the index.html page I had~!!


My page will be underconstruction for a while so visit Digi-Friends
or Biters-UNITED go check and see if my friend stole something of yours ... that's why I call her page Biters UNITED. Oh yeah by the way .. GO TO HELL TONY!!!


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Current Updates

|::July 5,2001::|
I do not wish to continue updating this page *sighs* I have a new one
aNim3 Wund3rland. But I'm not closing down.
Feel free to take pics and stuff.

|::June 1,2001::|
I added new banners .. my old ones sucked...and I added Allen pictures and I re-did some things

|::May 26,2001::|
I finally got off my lazy butt and started to put some stuff on this page.
Ok I haven't put anything interesting yet...but I will soon... I know I didn't put
anything on May 21st like I said I would but give me a break!!! I am, still trying to figure out
what I should update. I mean no one has been giving me any ideas.
Well if you do email me.

Oh My Gosh!! I actually went on my
site and gave myself 1 hit. The reason I haven't been here is coz I was busy doing things to my page that I totally forgot about my Escaflowne website.
I haven't updated in a LONG time. Trust me this isn't pleasant. I've had the
same pictures in the images place for a long time. I decided to
add new pictures, when I gots da time. Well since tomorrow
is Victoria Day, I think I'll add pictures to my site.

|::March 16,2001::|
Before I say anything else, Hitomi and Van would like to thank you for the 400+ hits!
Anyways I added a page with all the couples, a page where you could download Escaflowne MIDS, and
I added two characters to the character list. Dryden and Millerna.
The two married couple .. or was married anyway.

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