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"> : Android 16 is an android that was made by Dr. Gero in the cell saga. The reason he was made was to hunt down Goku and kill him. He absolutely loves nature and he does not talk too much, his actions say it all. He sacrifices his own life to help Gohan get angry and turn into a SSJ2 to defeat Cell

Android 17 : Android 17 was made by Dr. Gero in the Android/Cell Saga. He is the twin brother of android 18. He was made to hunt and kill Goku. He has amazing power (for a while anyway). He had an excellent battle vs Piccolo and was the first to be adsorbed by Cell.

Android 18 : Android 18 was also made by Dr. Gero in the Android/Cell Saga. She is the twin sister of android 17. She was also made to hunt and kill Goku but instead she falls in love with Krillin and they have a daughter named Maron (named after Krillin's ex girlfriend)

Android 19 : Android 19 was also made by Dr. Gero (all the Androids are made by him!) in the begining of the Android Saga, he absorbs energy from his hands so that he can recharge his power. He was killed by Vegeta.

Android 20 : Android 20 is actually Dr. Gero himself! He is also an android. He made the androids so that he could get back at Goku for destroying the Red Ribbon Army. When he released Android 17 and 18, 17 killed him. Later, in DBGT, he creates Super Android 17! Which is pretty cool.

Bardock : Bardock is the father of Goku and Raditz. He is a Saiyan. When Freezer tried to blow up Planet Vegeta Bardock tried to stop him but failed. Planet Vegeta was destroyed and Bardock died. But he had hope that one day his son (Goku) would destroy Freezer and save the universe (He was right).

Brolly : Brolly was born the same day as Goku. When he was born, he had a power level of 10,000. He did not like Goku's crying at all, thus why he wanted to kill Goku so badly, but always failed. He is supposed to be the Legendary Super Saiyan but he gets killed 3 times.

Bra: : She is the daughter of Vegeta and Bulma, she is very pretty just like her mother and very smart. She likes to shop and go out with Maron the daughter of krillin. She and Vegeta have a special bond.

Bulma : Bulma is a super genius. She makes most of the inventions of Capsule Corporation. She is the wife of Vegeta, but Vegeta never really tells her that he cares for her. She is the mother of Trunks and Bra too. 

Cell Cell is a mix of every Z fighter in Dragon Ball Z. He was created by Doctor Gero as the perfect fighting machine, he gains strength by swallowing the androids. He was finally destroyed by Gohan when he reached Super Saiyan level 2.

Chao-zu : Chao-zu is the weakest fighter in the Z force. His best friend is Tien. Although he is very weak he is always willing to try to help his friends when he can.

Chi Chi : Chi Chi is the wife of Goku. She has two sons, Gohan and Goten. She always wanted Gohan to study, and not fight. After Goku dies in the Cell Saga she changes a lot and even trains with Goten so that he can become strong like his father.

Cooler : Cooler is the brother of Freezer. He had a battle with Goku in which he found out the true power of a Super Saiyan. After that he becomes Metal Cooler, and almost kills Goku, but Vegeta helps Goku to defeat him. He died Vs Goku.

Dabura : Dabura is the lord of the underworld. He fights vs Gohan in the spaceship of Babidi. In this battle we see that Gohan has not trained in a long time and because of this Dabura beats him about. He fights Majin Boo and is killed with no problem. 

Dende : Dende is from Planet Namek. He is a child of Guru and learns the power of healing from him. Later on he becomes the new Guardian of the Earth (Kaiosaman) and lives with Mr Popo above Earth.

Freezer : Freezer first appeared on DBZ when Gohan, Krillin, and Bulma were on Namek. He is the mighty leader of many evil fighters. He is purely evil and thrives on destroying lives. Freezer was destroyed by Goku after turning Super Saiyan. Freezer's Father, King Cold finds Freezer's body in space and makes some adjustments to turn him into Freezer Bot. He is stronger than ever after this. Freezer travels to Earth to destroy it, but when he gets there he meets Future Trunks. Future Trunks easily defeats him though; Freezer comes back in movie 13 but is defeated again by Gohan. Freezer has a brother named Cooler. Oh yeah Freezer comes ones again in GT with Cell and tries to defeat Goku but fails ones again

Ginyu Force : Captain Ginyu is the leader of The Elite force known as the Ginyu Force. The other members of the Ginyu force are Berta, Jace, Recoon, and Guldo. They first appeared in Dragon Ball Z when Gohan, Bulma, and krillin were on Planet Namek. Captain Ginyu is the strongest member of the Ginyu Force. The Ginyu Force were hired by Freezer to collect the Dragon Balls.

Gogeta : Gogeta is Vegeta and Goku fused together. He first appears in movie 12 to fight Janeba. He resembles Goku, rather than Vegeta. He is the most powerful warrior in DBZ AND GT. He fights the dragons and almost defeat them. He reaches the Super Saiyan Level 4.

Gohan : Gohan is the first son of Chi-Chi and Goku. He's half saiyan and half human. Gohan's brother is Goten. Gohan marries Videl later on in the series and they have a daughter named Pan-Chan. Every time Gohan becomes annoyed his power rises tremendously. He's the very first Saiyan to turn Super Saiyan Level 2 and after the training with the Super Kaiosamas he reaches a new level the Super No Senshi that can be as powerfull has a SSJ3

Goku : Goku is the main character on DBZ and the strongest, also my person hero. His father is Bardock and his Brother is Raditz. Goku has 2 sons, Gohan and Goten who are also very strong. Goku was sent to Earth from Planet Vegeta when he was a child, and his main aim was to destroy Earth, but when he was a child he got hit in the head and forgot he was supposed to destroy Earth, and became a peaceful human. He is the first Saiyan to reach Super SSJ ,SSJ3 and SSJ4. His best friend has to be Krillin and his wife is Chi-Chi, he first appeared on Dragon Ball when he was about 13 years old. In DBGT he becomes once again a child and goes to outer space to search for the black star dragon balls, later on, in the last episode, he fuses with Shen-Long and becomes immortal. His grand daughter is Pan-Chan, daughter of Gohan.

Goku Jr: Goku Jr is the great great great......son of Goku, I don't know who is the father just that he has the blood of a Saiyan. At a very young age and without training a lot, he reaches the Super Saiyan level.His grandmother Pam said that he is just like Goku, and that is why he has his name. He later fights Vegeta Jr in the tournament and nobody knows who won

Goten : Goten is the 2nd son of Chi Chi and Goku. Goten's brother is Gohan. He turned Super Saiyan when he was 7. His best friend is Trunks. When they fuse together they make Gotenks. The first time they tried to fuse they made fat Gotenks. They can become SSJ3 with ease!

Gotenks : Gotenks is Goten and Trunks fused together. Goku and Gotenks are the only ones ever to turn Super Saiyan level 3. Gotenks is an inexperienced fighter but has some cool attacks like the super ghost kamikaze attack.

King Kai : King Kai lives on a small planet somewhere in heaven. He trained Goku for a while before Goku headed off to Namek. He taught Goku KaiouKen and The Spirit Bomb. King Kai is also very wise but is always trying to tell jokes that are not funny at all. He also trained Tien, Chao-zu, Piccolo and Yamcha.

Krillin : Krillin is Goku's best friend. He has a bald head for a while but then grows hair. He's not very tall, but has great powers like his friends. He was trained by Kame. He may not be quite as strong as say Goku or gohan, but he is the kind of person that you can count on when in trouble. He has a girlfriend named Maron but they brake up and he falls in love with Android #18. They have a daughter named Maron (After Krillin's ex girlfriend).

Maron: She is the first and only daughter of krillin she is human even tough her mother is part android, she is very pretty like her mother and likes to go out and have a good time with Bra.

Nail : Nail was once the protector of Guru. He is from Planet Namek. Nail was the strongest of all the Nameks but was almost destroyed by Freezer. Piccolo then fuses with Nail and becomes super strong, together, they all most kill freezer

Nappa : Napa is a Saiyan. Him and Vegeta went to Earth to get the Dragon Balls. Goku made a joke out of Nappa and then Vegeta killed him. 

Pan: Pan is the daughter of Gohan and Videl. So this means that Pan is 1/4 Saiyan. She's the strongest woman in DBGT. She's the grand daughter of Goku and she's last seen in the very last episode of DBGT, she is very old by this time.

Piccolo : Piccolo is a not so friendly but wise Namekian. He is Kami's evil side (Piccolo Daimaoh). He trains Gohan for the great battle against the Saiyans. He bacomes Gohan's best friend after this. He fuses with Nail on Namek and then with Kami, and at one point he becomes even stronger than Goku, but for only a VERY short time.

Raditz : Raditz was on the first few episodes of DBZ. He is the brother of Goku, and Bardock is his father. He was sent to Earth to get Goku to help him destroy Earth. Goku refuses and so Piccolo and Goku battle Raditz. They defeat Raditz but Goku gives his life to beat him. (Goku later came back thanks to the Dragon Balls.)

Master Roshi : Master Roshi is an old man that lives in Kame House. He invented the Kamehameha. He trained Goku and Krillin when they were very young. Also Master Roshi is a very perverted old man but he's cool.

Mr. Hercule: Hercule takes all the credit for defeating Cell (even though he did not defeat him) and he gets a city named after him (Hercule City). He has a beautiful young daughter which is Gohan's wife. Oh and yeah, he is also Pan-Chan's other grandfather. He win's some of the tenkaichi budoukai. His best friend is Mr. Boo (good Boo)

Tien : Tien, also known as Tenchinhan is a Z fighter that has 3 eyes. He is very muscular but he is not very powerful. His best friend is Chao-Zu. Goku learned to make the solar flare from Tien. Tien never stops training and when he was a kid he was the strongest of all.

Trunks : Trunks is the son of Bulma and Vegeta. Trunks first comes from the future to tell the Z fighters about some evil androids which will come in 3 years time to destroy everything. Trunks then leaves and comes back 3 years later to battle the androids and Cell with the Z fighters. After Cell is defeated Trunks returns back to the Future.

Ubuu : Ubuu is the re-incarnation of Buu, but this time his intentions are not evil, but good. He goes to the World's Martial Arts Tournament ( Tenkaichi Budoukai) and he fights against Goku. Goku even had to forfit the match, then Goku decided that he wanted to train him at Kami's. Ubuu comes from a very poor family and he is born after Boo dies.

Vegeta : Vegeta is the Prince of all Saiyans. His father is King Vegeta. As a child he was threatened by Freezer to do evil deeds for him. He comes to Earth with Nappa to find the dragon balls but he encounters Goku and the rest of the group and he was almost killed by them, but due to Goku's warm heart is let go. He also went to Namek to find the dragonballs so that he could have his wish, his wish was immortality but he was killed by Freezer. Later he comes back to life thanks to the dragon balls. He then marries Bulma and they have 2 children together, Trunks and Bra. His ultimate goal in life is to become stronger than Goku, but never reaches it. He fuses with Goku to form Vegetto and Gogeta.

Vegeta Jr: Vegeta Jr is the great great great...........grandson of Vegeta, he is just like him and with the same attitude and pride. He became Super Saiyan at a very young age just like Goku Jr.

Vegetto : Vegetto is Goku and Vegeta fused together. They fuse together to fight Majin Buu. Vegetto has a really bad attitude, thus why he looses alot. He has the resemblance of Vegeta rather than Goku.

Videl : Videl is the daughter of Hercule. She is the Wife Gohan and the mother of Pan-Chan. Gohan teaches Videl how to fly and then Videl falls in love with Gohan.

Yamcha : Yamcha is Bulma's ex boyfriend. He was a desert bandit and then a baseball player. He was always about as strong as Tien.