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DBGT Stories

Bebi Saga

DBGT starts finally 10 years after DBZ the Buu saga. Buu was defeated and there was peace for 10 years until now... Ok this is the story with the Z fighters. Goku and Ubuu train all the time together. Trunks and Goten are starting to date girls and Pans is 14 and a bigger pain than ever. Gohan is married to Videl and still is a nerd in my mind. Krillin is married to Android 18 and made a wish for hair (he looks like an idiot.) Then everything seems fine but Pilaf had to gather all of the Dragonballs and here is where the whole dilemma starts. He summons Shenlong and is about to wish for world domination but Goku shows up. Pilaf gets mad and screams, "Goku I wish you were a kid again so I can kick your ass!". The wish is made and Goku is once again a little kid. Goku then goes back to Kame House and he tells everybody what happened. Mr. Popo shows up and tells Goku about the Black Star Dragonballs, and they are seperated all over the universe. If the Dragonballs aren’t gathered over a course of one year the Earth will explode. Goku then sets off to go look for the Dragonballs so he can become an adult once again. Goku and Trunks go on to the spaceship, where Goten is supposed to follow but Pan gets on without their permission and starts it up without Goku and Trunks noticing. They fly to all different planets meeting new people who make DBGT seem dumb at first. During this time period Goku and Trunks use their Super Saiyan ability to kill their enemies, while Pan just sits around and watches the fights go on. Soon they meet a robot called Gill who eats the Dragon radar and they need him to find all the Dragonballs after that. He joins them and they soon land on a planet Dr. Myuu once lived on. Dr. Myuu was a scientist like Dr. Gero who made robots and one of his creations was Gill. Trunks then gets kidnapped while Goku and Ruudo fight. Finally the battle of Goku and Ruudo ends and the victor is Goku. Gill then helps Trunks and Pans escape back to their ship. Dr. Myuu’s experimetns called Bebi was a Tsurfuru-jin. The Tsurfuru-jins lived on Planet Vegeta before the Saiyans took over. Bebi hated the Saiyans for they destroyed his race. Dr. Myuu found Bebi and took him to experiment on him. He found out that Bebi could take the powers of other people and take their bodies. Bebi then kills Dr. Myuu to take his powers and his body. Finally Goku and the gang including Gill reach Earth and give Mr. Popo the black star Dragonballs. Then Bebi arrives on Earth and he takes over peoples bodies (kind of like Cell.) He soon takes over Trunks, Goten, and Gohan. But when he does this he makes them into zombies so they can be followers of Bebi. Then Bebi takes over Vegeta the strongest next to Goku. Mr. Popo then makes a wish with the Black Star Dragonballs to make a planet called Planet Plant. Also he wishes for all of the people he made zombies to be transported there. This planet is the same as the planet that the Saiyans and Tsurfu-jins lived on. Now almost everybody in the World is a zombie except for Sataan, Ubuu, Pan, Buu, and Goku. Ubuu fights Bebi and gets whooped., then Buu fights and gets killed. Ubuu and Buu fuse after that because Buu’s spirit went into Ubuu’s body and they became whole again. Ubuu boasts that he cannot be defeated now. Goku then fights Bebi but gets crushed. Goku then is transported to Kaio-shin. Then when he gets there, Kaiou-shin prepares a formula so Goku’s tail can grow back to normal. Goku’s tail grows but only a little bit but to get it fully out Kaiou-shin pulls it the rest of the way out. Goku fights again but still is beaten. He looks at Earth then while he is on Planet Plant and turns Golden Oozaru. Goku cannot control himself in that stage so he destroys everything around him. Then he sees Pans crying which gets him angry and triggers him to go Super Saiyan 4. Now finally a good battle starts. Bulma (a zombie like everyone else) makes a ray for Vegeta which turns him into Golden Oozaru like Goku. Then Goku gets beaten after Vegeta turn Golden Oozaru. Then Kaiou-shin finds special water that will free the people from being zombies. Kaiou-shin pours the water on Mr. Popo and Dende and then Mr. Popo and Dende pour the water on Trunks, Gohan, and Goten. Then they give up their power to Goku so he can defeat Bebi. Bebi then leaves Vegeta’s body and tries to escape but Goku fires a Ka me ha me ha at his ship and kills Bebi. Earth then is about to explode, and the things on Earth are transported to Planet Plant. Piccolo decides to stay on Earth while it explodes. Then a little while later on Namek, they wish for Earth to come back. Piccolo cannot be wished back then because he was already wished back before in DBZ. On to Super 17 and Shenlong saga...

Super 17 and Shenlong Saga

A new saga of DBZ starts where the Dragonballs are part of hell. In hell Dr. Gero and Dr. Myuu make an android called Artificial 17 (Super 17 after fusing with Artificial.) A portal opens so they can deliver Super 17 to Earth. Artificial 17 then finds Android 17 and fuses with him to make Super 17. Cell and Frieza go back to their normal selves with the help of Dr. Gero and Dr. Myuu. Goku goes to hell to fight Cell and Frieza. But bad mistake without Goku on Earth, Super 17 will have no one to defeat him. Super 17 kills both Dr. Myuu and Dr. Gero because of dumb orders made by Dr. Myuu to kill Dr. Gero. After 17 killed Dr. Gero he killed Dr. Myuu. Super 17’s first victim is Krillin. He is killed then Android 18 (Krillin’s wife) gets really pissed and blasts Super 17. She thinks he is dead but he comes back and kills her too. Then the funniest thing happens Nappa comes to Earth. After a little while he looks around and sees his good pal Vegeta again. You all know what happens (gets killed) and that is the last we see of Nappa after that. Goku then kills Frieza and Cell with no trouble. He then tries to get out of hell but there is no way out so he is trapped. Piccolo (who is in heaven he died when the Earth blew up) messes around purposely to get transported to hell. Piccolo and Dende then make a portal so Goku can return to Earth. Goku returns and kills Super 17. The Dragon is summoned to wish Krillin and Android 18 back, but when Shenlong is summoned he comes out black instead of green, and he starts to laugh like a fag. Then a dark cloud surrounds Shenlong and he then turns into 7 dragons. The different dragons fly away and scatter like the Dragonballs do. Goku and Pan then go fly off to find the dragons. They finally find the first dragon, Ryan-Shenlong. This Dragon is of the 2 star Dragonball. He was created when Bora was wished back to life, and his element is toxic water. They kill him by tricking him into swimming in clean water, which weakens him, then Goku and Pan defeat him (after every dragon is killed the Dragonballs are restored.) Goku and Pan search for the next Dragon with the Dragonball radar. They come across another Dragon called Uu-Shenlong. This Dragon is of the five star Dragonball, and he was created when Goku was wished back to life after training with King Kai (Goku was killed by Radditz, then after he died he went to King Kai‘s to train.) Uu-Shenlong’s element is electricity, and rain is used to weaken him and then gets defeated by Goku and Pan (too much science is used in this series...)The next dragon is named Ryuu-shenlong. This is the dragon of the 6 star Dragonball. Ryuu-Shenlong was born when Oolong wished for underwear (this was so Pilaf couldn’t wish for world domination.) Ryuu-Shenlong's element is hurricanes. Goku punches Ryuu-Shenlong in the head and kills him. After the battle Goku and Pan go to find Chii-Shenlong. Chii-Shenlong is of the 7 star Dragonball. He was born when the wish for everyone killed by Buu be restored back to life. His element is ???. Pan gets tricked by Chii-Shenlong and gets stuck inside his body. Goku gets Pan back and then destroys Chii-Shenlong. The next dragon was Suu-Shenlong. Suu-Shenlong is of the 4 star Dragonball. He was born when Piccolo asked for eternal youth. Suu-Shenlong’s element is the sun. Goku and Suu-Shenlong are about to fight but San-Shenlong (Suu-Shenlong’s brother) steps in. San-Shenlong is of the 3 star Dragonball and his element is ice. Goku then kills San-Shenlong and then goes on to battle Suu-Shenlong. After a little while of fighting Li-Shenlong steps into the battle. Li-Shenlong is of the 1 star Dragonball. Li-Shenlong then kills Suu-Shenlong and goes on to fight Goku. Goku defeats Li-Shenlong in his Super Saiyan 4 form. But he survives and steals the Dragonballs away from Pan and fuses with the Dragonballs. After fusing with the Dragonballs he becomes much stronger than Goku. Meanwhile, Bulma makes a special ray that turn Vegeta into Super Saiyan 4! So Vegeta joins the fight to help out Goku. Vegeta and Goku (both in Super Saiyan 4 form) fuse together to make Super Gogeta 4. Super Gogeta 4 knocks around Li-Shenlong. While Li-Shenlong is getting kicked around he loses the Dragonballs making him weaker. Just as Li-Shenlong is about to be defeated, Gogeta defuses! Li-Shenlong starts to refuse with the Dragonballs once again. But before Li-Shenlong can eat the 4 star Dragonball, Goku swallows it and fuses with the Dragonball. Li-Shenlong then hits Goku, forcing Goku to throw up the Dragonball letting, Li-Shenlong fuse with it. Goku’s last hope, he starts to make a Spirit Bomb. Everyone on Earth then lifts their hands to give energy to the Spirit Bomb. Goku then teleports to King Kai’s and tells him he needs more power for the Spirit Bomb so King Kai tells all the planets in the universe to give up their energy to help Goku’s Spirit Bomb. Finally the Spirit Bomb is finishes and Goku throws it at Li-Shenlong, which kills him. After Li-Shenlong dies, all of the Dragonballs are restored and the good Shenlong shows up. Shenlong tells Goku never to make a wish again. But for his final wish, Goku wishes for all the people killed by the evil Shenlong’s and by Super 17 to be revived. After the wish is made, Shenlong tells Goku to go on his back. Shenlong then flies Goku to visit all of his friends. The Z Warriors then have a surprise party for Goku. They wait and wait for Goku to arrive but he never does. Pan then finds Goku’s clothes on the floor and she believes his death was for the good of Earth. Vegeta then comes by and tells Pan that Goku has not died, but he has fused with the Dragonballs. Then it is shown 100 years after, Pan watching the Tenkaichi Boudaki where Goku Jr. fights Vegeta Jr. at the finals. They both turn Super Saiyan and start to fight. Pan then sees her Grandpa Goku somewhere on the other side of the stadium. Pan runs over there and Goku disappears, Pan then says, "Goodbye Goku, until the day we meet again..."