Welcome to Dragon's Lair

Hiya everyone, if you're here than you're probably looking for yaoi, but in case you're here by mistake I'll explain, this site contains descriptions of male+male relationships, some of them may include graphical descriptions of sexual acts, there will also be lots of spoilers for games/anime/mangas stories may be based on, also some bad language may appear... and practically whatever you want (or don't) to see, you should be over 18 to enter this place, or other age that makes you suitable for viewing such material in your country. In other words you must:
1)be of proper age
2)be open minded and not offended by homsexuality in any form
3)promise that you won't hold me responsible for any negative consequences of entering this place, be their of physical, psychical or any other nature.
If all that is fine with you go ahead and pet the dragon below, he shouldn't bite... unless you lied

Image by Silvrain, sorry I sacrifced some of the quality to make it load faster


sometimes (usually) a webring owner will prefer (or demand) that I place his code here, which is helpfull when you for example pick a "random page" option and after that figure that the page doesn't suit you, anyway, in that case I'll place the code here, but if you wanna visit the Lair than webrings codes are also in my links section.


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