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In The Digiworld

This site is a children site. There's going to be some changes around here so come often plus we have a gallery which is not so big yet but will become bigger. We'll change the pictures monthly once I get a digital camera so if you miss out the time to ask for some pictures that's it, but we might bring it back or you could E-mail us for it. The fan art section's not like other fan art sections I think. I would be sending in pictures too and you CAN take them, on the other hand if you want to use some other person's fan art you've got to get their permission or just leave it along.


Updating the fan art section again and gallery. One new banner and I am changing that E-mail address! I am trying to get Min Hao on the going to that fan art competition but she said it's up to me.-_-: I thought partners are supposed to give each other suggestions...and I changed that Information section badly, it's becoming a Digimon02 section.


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I know the 'Digiworld' in this site can't compare to the real Digiworld it's not that big and not that fancy but have a nice time.