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Hey Animé fans!

Welcome to my Neo Animé Webring! To learn more about it just scroll down a bit. To go to my Anime page page, please click on either of these pictures.
>Dan Manga

Well, how's everyone doing? Great I hope! Now, down to buisiness. This is the HQ for the "Neo Anime webring", named after the first page that I ever made and the Anime club that I'm in charge of. This webring is about sharing cultures, banding together, loving anime, my insane quest for know, the usual stuff an anime ring is made for! To the point, if you join my webring you will get more traffic (theoretically) and all you have to do is put the little menu bar somewhere on your front page, you don't need to have ANY anoying logos like the other rings MAKE you use. If you want to use my logo, please do, if not, I'm not going to die or anything.

Join my ring!

If you have any questions, concerns, comments, ideas, or if you just want to be a pen-pal or something mail me at:

The logo and a working example of the required menu bar are below. (you will be able to copy the html code for the menu bar while you're signing up)

My Neo Anime Logo

The menu bar looks like this:

The Neo Anime Web Ring.

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