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A Kiss Between Friends an aamrn

A kiss between friends

an aamrn by stephy

disclamier: pokemon is property of nintendo, creatures, gamefreak 1995, 1996, 1998, . and the guy that created it... PROZZAK is property of it's respective owners. DO NOT take this fan fic with out my premission....!!! i apologize for any other lagal mombo jumbo i forgot... i suspect it's o-k to put lyrics up on this... so... yeah!

introduction: (well not really, if this was a book this would be on the back of it) Ash watched the flowers drop from Mistys hand. a tiny sigh escaped her before he nelt down. the unthinkable happend. ash covered his eyes at first... but uncovered them praying he was not seeing what he was seeing. Matt leaned down and kissed her. a perfect scene. on a balconey, in the moon light. ash covered his face and ran blindly knocking over a table. misty put this kiss to a stop. "ash..." she mumbled as he ran down the hall crying. matt took her hand. "stay with me..." misty sighed... matt kissed her fingers... wial ash ran from the place...


Ash and Brock were still looking for Misty. well Ash was also looking for the johoto leagues 2ed gym too... but he is worried about Misty. the night before she and togepi had never come to the camp site that everyone was sleeping at. when they awoke and found her not there they got worried. Ash let out a sigh. "Misty. where are you. i have to go the my next gym you know!!!!" there was no answer. "pi pi pi" cried pikachu. Brock walked up to Ash. "hey Ash i found something." ash looked at the piece of paper Brock held in his hands. it was a note from misty! he quickly snatched it. "hmmm lemme see..."

Dear Brock, Ash and Pikachu:

sorry i didn't tell you, but wial you 2 were off looking for the next gym, i got a phone call from my sisters. it seems my dad has come back all the way from Canada! he had to go to Nova Scotia for work in the navy 2 years ago. and he's coming home! i am so happy. im sure now you understand why i left so suddenly. we are having a reunion party. my sisters say you can join us if u want. lilly even says she'll danc with you if you hurry brock! togepi says hi pikachu. i hope you can come. i feel so... happy! i can't wait to show my dad what kind of a girl i've become!!! hurry or there will be not cake left, or ketchup!

lots of love, Misty p.s ash, just beacuse you havent met my father yet dosent mean you can forget about my bike... YOU STILL OWE ME ;)!!!! (O^-^O)

Ash put the note down. "well what are you waiting for!? lillys gonna dance with me!!!!!!!" cried Brock running. Ash sighed. "pik pikachu (ketchup ash!!!)" said pikachu. "guys," said ash. "we have no way to get there, even if we do how do we get back???" brock fell over. an officer jenny walked over. "sorry, but i couln't help noticeing that you are going to Cereulean city?" brock jumped up. "yesssss....." he said full of hearts. their was silence. "oh yeah, i forgot, Mistys not here to pull you away by the ear kicking and screaming." ash said pinching brock. "yer we are Officer jenny." he said. "well, theirs an irplane heading to Cereluen in about 15 minutes." Ash, brock, and Pikachu jumped up. "really?!" Officer Jenny nodded. "well in that case!" Ash and Brock took off for the plane station. something fell from Ashs back pack. pikachu dove down and picked up the shiny object. "pika pi!" ash looked down. "what is it?" he asked he removed the thing from pikachus mouth. "wow..." he said with a sigh. it was a locket. a silver star. with a silver chain. (almost like serenas from sailor moon) he looked at the feebled object in his hands. the metal felt cold against his skin. he opened it. a familliar tune began to play. (mistys song) wial an image of the moon floated around a picture of Misty, Ash, Gary,Tracey, Togepi, and pikachu. it was from the time they went back to pallet to deliver the gs ball to prof.oak. it shown a beautiful aray of lights. "come on Ash!" cried brock pulling his arm. ash nodded and putit in his pocket.

CHAPTER 2 BATTLE TIME Misty smiled. there was no way the kid could win this match. "Charmander, i choose you!" the little brown haired boy cried. Misty smiled. it had been a wial since she'd seen her Starmie and Horsea. she was glad to be battleing. "well i'd admit your Charmander is cute... but my starmie will beet it. Starmie, i choose you!!!" Starmie shot from her pokeball. "hya!" the little boy frowned. "it's o-k, charmander, flamethrower!!!!" the little Charmanders tail began to glow, "quick Starmie, bubble beam!" bubbles quickly doused Charmander before it had a chance to even attack. the little boy sighed. "cousin Misty, your just to tough for me!" Misty laughed. she'd just beaten her little cousin Tk. at a match. but he was only 8, so it wasnt much of a match. she laughed. "your getting better tk." she said with a smile. "your so much nicer then your sisters, your my fav. cousin Misty," he wispered. Misty laughed. "pokeballs go!" she said yelling, throwing out all her pokeballs into the pool. there swam, Goldeen, Horsea, Psyduck, and poliwag. Dewgong swam over with togepi on its head. "dew gong gong gong." mistys giggled. "priii!" "goldeen." "horrrsea!" "psy?" "hya!" "ha!" misty smiled again. "it's so nice to see you again." her cousin ammara walked over. "hey misty, can i let my pokemon in the pool too?" misty smiled. her little cousin was a stricking a pokeball pose. she resembled bulma from a show misty used to watch, dragon ball. "sure!" she said, Ammara, the 9 year ols, tk's sister threw out her 3 pokeballs. "vaporeon, Tangela, slowpoke, i choose you." her 3 water pokemon appereared in the pool and began to play. "now for you." she said with a smile. "butterfree, i choos you." i beautifuly strong looking buterfree flew from it's pokeball and into the gym ceiling! ;) Misty smiled to her self as her family members began to throw out there pokeballs. lots of water pokemon, and others too. her sisters were just to envolved with entertaning everyonw to see how anxious Misty was. she had not seen her father for a long time. ever since her Mom died... he never seemed to be around. Misty sighed and leaned up against a door. "ash would you hurry up all ready?" she started walking to her room. "like misty where are you going?" misty put on a fake smile. "i uh, just got to go get in some r&r at the piano before dad comes..." lilly smiled. "o-k, like but don't play any thing like sour!" misty stuck ut her tounge. she walked to the big room. she sat at the piano. she smiled feeling the texture of the keys under her fingers. she starts to play My Only Love by sailormoon. but just 'cauz mistys sooo talented (^^) lets pretend she wrote i all by her self. she smiled to her self. she couldn't wait to see her dad.

CHAPTER 3 TIDES AND TSUNAMIS ash and brock literly ran from the airplane. "if i ever see another airplane it will be too soon!" cried ash. "pika pi!" yelled pikachu. luckly for the trio they had landed near cereulen Gym. and in just a few short moments they had arrived at mistys. ash took a deep breath and knocked on the door. he expected mistys sisters to come out and greet him. no answer. he pulled on the handle, the door was open. "everyone must be by the pool." he said walking in. "hello?" he asked. "hello?" he walked in a little more. "wow..." said brock. "pika pi." "ash do tyou here that?" asked brock. ash was silent. "yeah... is it a piano? lets go see who is playing." by now Misty is playing everyones favorite theame song from final fantasy 8. eyes on me. her family was crowded around her listning. Misty had always been the strong pokemon trainer of the family. she got that from her dad, but she also got something other than beauty from her mom... music. she strung her hands along the keys. "whenever sang my song, on a stage, on my own... whenever sang my words wishing they would be heard. i saw you smile at me was it real or just my fantasy?" ash and brock were verry silent whenthey neared the room. wondering who could be singing. Mistys aunt held a baby in her arms. the baby had fallen asleep. so had togepi. "you'd always be there in the corner... of this tiny little bond... my last night here for you... same old song just once more... my last night here with you? maybe yes maybe no..." ash and brock stpped sudeenly when they saw the angelic figure at the piano. it was misty! needless to say people fell over. "i kind of liked it your way, how you shyly placed your eyes on me... did you ever know that i had mine on you?" her little cousin ammara sat next to her on the seat. they both began to sing. "Darling, so there you are With that look on your face As if you're never hurt As if you're never down Shall I be the one for you Who pinches you softly but sure If frown is shown then I will know that you are no dreamer" the two voices sound amazing. now the whole family can't help but join in. "So let me come to you Close as I wanted to be Close enough for me To feel your heart beating fast And stay there as I whisper How I loved your peaceful eyes on me Did you ever know That I had mine on you? Darling, so share with me Your love if you have enough Your tears if you're holding back Or pain if that's what it is How can I let you know I'm more than the dress and the voice Just reach me out then You will know that you're not dreaming Darling, so there you are With that look on your face As if you're never hurt As if you're never down Shall I be the one for you Who pinches you softly but sure If frown is shown then I will know that you are no dreamer"

the doors fly open. "is that my angelic mistys voice i hear?!" misty jumps up and the sound of the doors. she notices brock nd ash... but is to exited to say anything. "papa!!!!" she cried. she ran past them and into his arms. he picked her up and spun her around. "papa!" the 3 others cry and run." the rest of the family mutters a few words.. so happy to have 'papa' home. "i knew it was my misty," he said. "i could hear you from Canada." misty smiled. the man removed his clothes. ash and brock were shocked. he didn't have orange hair?! infact it was grey. he looked a bit likte prof. oak., in a sea mens outfet. "Lilly, how old are you now? going on 17?!" Lilly blushed. "and Daisy, how is that dive?" she blushed too. "oh and Violet... when are you getting married?!" violet giggled. "i have brought something back for each of you... come with me to the palor!" everyone jumped up and followed. ash ran to catch up with Misty. "hi ash!" she said smiling from ear to ear. ash smiled. "sorry it took me so long, we had to take a plane... n e wayz, your dad seems really cool!" misty blushed. "he is, my sisters prepared the guest room for you and brock." brock smiled. "that was some singing misty..." he said. misty blushed. "oh..." ash laughed and wacked her on the back. "yeah, your a real tina turner." misty growled. "shut up and come meet my family!" she yelled pulling him by the ear.

CHAPTER 4 AN UNEXPECTED ROMANCE everyone was sitting down. ash and brock had met all of Mistys family. brock was drooling over every preety girl in site. Pikachu was in a deep conversation with someones jolteon. misty and ash sat on a swing. "lets see, for my Lilly i have brought you this." e passed her a package. she opened it exitedly. "oh papa! a prom dress!" she danced around showing off the pale green dress to everyone. "is it not like totally beautiful?" her fathr laughed. "and for my daisy..."he spoke with almost a russian accient... "this..." he passed her a small white box. aisy opened it to find a small gold braelet. again more spazing. "ah... my violet... here you are." he passed her a white bag. she opened it. inside was a makeup kit. she did back flips. "and for my little misty." misty made a pout. "papa." he laughed. "i know, you hate it when i call you little misty... it seems your not so little anymore. eh ash?" the whole room burst out laughing. ash and misty just stood there blinking. "you never did care for boys," brock rubbed the latest bump on his head. "that's for sure." misty frowned. "and you never did care for jewlery, or lothes. but one thing you do care about is music." he passed her a long black case. mistys eyes widened. "papa..." she stuttered as she opened the box to reveal... a kazoo...1 she fell over. papa smiled. "just kidding." he passed her the most beautiful violen she had ever seen. ashs eyes widend. misty picked it uo gawking. "papa... for me?" he smiled. "it was your mothers. " she smiled and hugged him... little tears in her eyes. "thankyou papa." this was a side of misty ash had never seen. "now daughte, honour us with a song." misty smiled standing up. she began to play that song allen alwayz plays on sailor moon. on his flute. ash sat watching amazed. she soon sat down and everyone else went back to their eating, training, and socializing. "misty, i didn't know you could be so... musical." said brocking touching her violen. she looked at ash for a response. he could say nothing... "ditto." he said with a sweat drop. misty smiled. "my mother left it for me... bfore she died..." she pulled a picture from her wallet. brocks jaaw dropped. there stood a beautiful young lady holding a baby. the baby was oubuiosly Misty. the women looked like sailor neptune with red hair. "what a fox!" cried brock just before misty hit him with a mallet. little tears began to form in her eyes. "my momma died a little after this picture was takin. of cancer. she... used to sing me songs... and play her violen everynight. i may not be the prettiest..." thoes words hit ash like a wet towel. "or the best looking, but i can sure play like mama." she said smiling whiping away her tears hoping ash wouldn't notice. there was a knock at the door. Mistys father smiled. "oh misty..." he said slyly... "will you please go and get that?"


Misty blinked. "papa i can tell by the tone in your voice your planing something." her papa smiled. she walked to the door and opened it. "hello Misty..." misty turned scarlet red. ash ranup behind her. "are you o-k?" he cried. hearts in mistys eyes ash looked to see a young man standing at the door, with a bunch of roses in his hands. he had sandy blond hair, and wore a green school uniform. (yes, yamato, from didgimon(^^) "well well well, look who idrug back from Canada," said mistys papa. "Matt??" misty said questiongly. Matt smiled. "hello misty, sorry i'm late, i brought you these..." he passed her the roses. misty reached out mecanhicaly and brought them to her nose. 'wow' thought ash. 'this is weird, i'mseeing so many versians of Misty tonight' he thoughts were brought to a hault when misty dove in Mattas arms and kissed him on the cheek. matt blushed. ash's heart broke in a thousand pieces. "matt!" she cried. "matt!" cried the other 3 sisters running over and giving him quick kissess on the cheek. "what i wouldn't give to be matt..." said brock blusing on cloud 9. "hey back off." creid misty. "he's mine..." she pulled out her mallet. ash smiled. now this was the misty he was used to. "you never called...." said misty teasing. "you never wrote..." matt got a sweat drop. "you never..." he picked her up off her feet and spun her around. she laughed. then matt saw Ash. "misty, i don't think i met this cousin. is he your aunt agathas?" ash blushed. "no!" he yelled. matt blinked. "oh sorry, your one of the neighbors friends?" ash steamed. "pikachu!" yelled pikachu hopping from his shoulder. matt smiled. "no silly, this is Ash, remember i told you about him." matt smiled slyly. "yeah right, the hottie with the nice butt..." misty fell over, ash was in a state of shock, and Brock screamed. "verry funny wise guy!" cried misty slugging him in the nose. matt smiled. "of course i remember ash. i remember he helped save all thoes pokemon with you when you were the mermaid." misty blushed. "you remembered!!!!" matt smiled. "very nice to meet you ash." he said sticking out a hand. ash accepted. "like wise." matt smiled. "so are you and misty an item?" ash blinked. "you mean from the market???" asked ash dumfounded. matt took it as a joke. "i like you ash, your funny." ash just blinked. misty frowned. "oh stop it matt. thats not funny." papa sighed. "oh the trials of a young teen girl," he said dramaticaly. "who will she marry? matt or ash?" misty and ash fall over. misty jumps up. "i think the answer to that question is simple." she picked up pikachu. "i'm marrying pikachu!" everyone in the room shared a laugh over that. ash frowned. what was with this matt guy? "misty you have to here my new song! run around! it's so cool! i run around you run around we all do a run around run around!" misty smiled. 'man, this matt guy is perfect.' thought ash. misty smiled.

ash was getting ready for bed. he walked past mistys bedroom to see her jumping up and down on her bed with her hair down. "wee!" she cried. ash blinked. then he saw the size of mistys bed. he walke over to her door. "ash, come jump with me!" she cried. ash smiled as pikachu ran beteween his legs and jumped on the bed. "pi, pi, pikachu! pi, pi, pikachu!" misty laughed and threw a pillow at ash. "hey, i'll get you!" he lept on the bed... and an all out pillow war began. misty dodged but was still hit. she threw a ripped one at ash, causing the feathers to come falling down. she laughed like a pidgey. more fighting, more feahers. a little later ash and misty were lying on her bed laughing so hard they had to hold their sides. "i (giggle) didn't know you were this funny ash!" cried misty. "me either (giggle)" a feather fell on Ash's nose. more giggles. ash stopped. "war!" he cried throwing feathers in mistys face. she pinned him down. "take this!" she didn't get a chance to throw feathers at him... brock walked in. a very scared look on his face. you would be too if you came and saw misty on top of ash, on a bed not made, with feathers flying everywhere. misty jumped up blushing. "uh...." ash jumped up. "pi..." misty grabbed a pillow. "get him!" Brock understood... but not in time to block the pillows beeing thrown at him!


Ash layed in bed. he thought about this Matt guy. he pulled out mistys locket. he should give it back to her. he stood up and walked to her bedroom. she wasnt there. he sighed. he walked a little bit more. Matt. did misty... love him? she sure did act different around him.... he sighed. then he heard mistys fathers deep voice boom out in laughter. he was on the balconey. ash looked out. misty was there too. "so you want to know what it's like in Canada?" he asked. (AND YES I KNOW WHAT IT'S LIKE IN CANADA!!!! I LIVE THERE!!!!) misty giggled. "of course papa, is it cold up there?" her father laughed again. "misty, your so bright. no it's not cold up there. its summer time right now. it's just like where we live, cold and snowy in winter, hot and sunny in summer." Misty giggled. Ash raised an eyebrow. "oh... trust me... no igloos! i went expecting to see igloos and dog teams. nope. no northern lights... unless you go to the north poll. there are there! and whats that band your always talking about? the one that's having a concert here." misty jumped up. "Prozzak?!" her dad laughed. "no mist, i dunt need drugs! i feel fine. whats the bands name?" Misty laughed. "their called prozzak." more laughter. "well there from Canada. no pokemon up there! none at all! they have things they call 'animals!' they don't fight... but some are pets. some are wild. oh misty they have beautiful animals their that you would love... dolphins." misty and her dad chated for a wial as he explaned what each and every 'animal' looked like. they did sound a bit like pokemon. "papa do they say eh up there?" her papa really did laugh. "sometimes... not everybody. they say it the way we would say right? or ok?" misty smiled. so did ash. their conversation soon thinned out. ash sat watching... eaves dropping the whole time. :) "so what about matt? is her cute or what?" asked mistys papa trying to sound like violet. misty laughed. "daddy..." she wined. he laughed. "well..." misty shook her head. "papa matt and i have been friends since mama.... since well... you know. he's my best friend..." her head went big. "but that dosent mean i'm going to marry him!!!!!!" her papa fell over. "i'm sorry mist, i shouldn't pressure you into these thing. boys are probally still grosse to you! it's jus that... your mama always said you looked like her. her last wish was that you'd wear her wedding dress...." misty gets a sweat drop. ash has to bite his lip so he dosent laugh. 'papa' starts to get dramatic. "all your other sisters have boyfriends... and Matt is so... well shall i say... all your kids would look gorgeous!" misty and ash both fall over laughing. misty steaming ash laughing. "im sorry mist." misty stuck out her tounge. "you look just like your mama when you do that." she smiled. "well if not Matt... what about Ash?" ash looked up hearing his name. misty blushed. "a-ash...?" her dad noded. "w-what about a-ash...?" he smiled. "misty... your blushing... what about ash... i mean... im sure he'd make your mom proud." misty let out a long exagerated sigh. "papa... im only 16..." (k in real life she is 14 when they start, ash is 10... lets say ash is 17, and mist 16... it's been a few years... and um... well comeone!) she smiled. "why ash?" her papa looked up. "why not ash..." misty shrugged. "papa, you can't pick who i'm gonna marry... not when i'm only 16. and besides... i can't marry ash. ash is... well ash." ash sweat dropped. "so i'm not good enough for her?" he bit his tounge. "what am i saying?! her papa wants her to marry me???" misty sighed. "please papa." he smiled. "o-k... i just think you'd make a varra cute couple... but if you don't like him..." misty looked up. "what? i like ash. and brock. there my best friends!" ash looked up. misty had never said that. never called him a friend. "no mist... i mean if you don't love him i can alwayz find another guy for you..." misty fell over. "your worse than my sisters. first ash, matt, and brock... what next? gary? tracey? or even pikachu?!" her papa blinked. "whats a tracey and a gary? are they single?" again misty falls over. ash giggles. Pikachu jumps over (of course he's speaking in poke-lanuage... but translation...) ash looked up. "huh? i'm not eaves dropping! i'm waiting for an oprotunity to give her back her locket..." he holds it out for pikachu to see. "pika..." again the music plays and the little moon goes around. pikachu smiled. pikachu let out a thunderbolt sending ash flying out on to the balconey . papa looked up. "hmmm? seems we have visitors..." pikachu jumped out. "pika!!" misty smiled. her papa stood up and picked up the sleeping togepi. "i'm um... gonna take togepi for a walk..." he walked past ash winking. ash stoood up and coughed. a little bit of anime smoke comes out his mouth. he dust the charcoal off him. "umm... hey." he says squeaking on hay because more smoke sizzled from his mouth. misty sighed lookinh away. "i suppose you heard that whole conversation Ash?" he blinked and sat down. "yep... i mean no! i mean i sure did! er uhg i mean.. ahhh... no! no i did not hear your conversation about marrying matt!" pikachu smacked his head. misty looked down. "indroduction to a broken heart..." she mummbled. "i'm sorry... i didn't mean to hear it... i wanted to return this..." he pulled out her locket. it shimmers... almost as if it's glowing. misty loooked at it. "my locket!" she reached out for it. a beam of light shot out. ash and misty sheilded their eyes. "weird..." said ash. the light leaveld out and they were surrounded in the lockets glow... and music. ash could have gotten lost in it if misty didn't snap it closed. "i ... uh... always had this momma gave it to me..." she sniffled a little. ash sighed, he had to change the subject... to akward. "um... so.. do you wanna go to the prozzak concert?" misty looked up. ash smacked his head. "i mean... er uh are you going to the prozzak concert?" misty smiled. "i don't know... dad will problly match me up with some guy. i love him and all... but he's a hopeless romantic. my momma must have been very smart." ash giggled. misty sniffled again. ash cleared his throte... "misty... it's o-k to cry... i mean i do it all the time.. all i have to do is look at Gary and i cry." misty giggled. "im serious... you don't alwayz have to be miss tuff." misty stood up and walked to the edge of the balconey. "but i am..." she said looking away from ash. a little quiver in her voice... "i can't let people think i'm soft... they may not be afraid of me... or my mallets..." ash laughed. "thats not what i mean... i mean... about your mom. no ones gonna thinks its 'weird' if you cry about that. i bet you never did cry..." misty blinked away tears. "right... i never knew my mom. no reason to cry ash.." more quivering... "misty..." he stood up and walked over. "if you don't wanna cry infront of me... i can leave." pikachu gave him a little shock for that one. "ash, i don't want to cry!" she shouted turning and looking at him. "i... i don't..." she collasped and he caught her. this was probally the most dramatic, romantic, sad, moment in his life. he wrapped his arms around her. this felt so weird... misty was clinging to him shivering and crying... he tried to put himself in her possition... how we he feel if his mom died... and he never cried? just the thought brought tears to his eyes... and watching misty made him cry. she looked up. "i'm sorry ash..." he smiled. "for what..." she smiled. "for tears." he smiled "what tears..." she smiled... but still the tears flowed. "your gonna get cold... and your all wet." ash smiled. "i'd rather be cold and wet outside with you... than warm and dry in bed..." the words cut threw misty. but not in a bad way. "thankyou ash..." she sniffed and whiped her tears away. he stood tall. "i needed that..." pikachu smiled. "i... guess i better go to bed." misty smiled as he started to walk away... puzzled at the emotions he was feeling. "oh ash...?" he turned. "you tell anybody and i'm gonna have to pound you...." he laughed and got the hell outta there


Misty stood smiling watching the ocean from the calconey. she was wrapped in a blanket. she felt so good about her self. she smiled remembering ashs words... he'd rather be cold and wet with her... than warm and dry in bed... ash had seen the lighter side of her... she'd seeen the teenage side of him. she felt a hand on her shoulders. there stood matt... with flowers...

ash was sitting on his bed listning to the new prozzak cd. his favorite song, infatuation. "i-n-f-a-t-u-a-t-i-o-n-" the corus repeated itself. ash smiled to himself. ash looked up. "whats that supposed to mean pikacu? pikachu smiled and stole ash's hat. he stretched out his arms. ash blushed. "well..." pikachu smiled, < i didn't know you had it in you.> ash laughed. "me either... misty saw a whole new side to me. so did i!" pikachu laughed "infatuation got a hold on me..." he sang out. "i can't wait for that concert." pikachu had a sly idea. ash blinked. "why?" pikachu smiled... ash blinked. "on a date?" pikachu sh0ocked him. ash smiled. "i dunno.... that dosent sound like me... but what the hey! im taking romantic advice from pikachu! oh well!" he smiled and jumped up. "might as well ask now... wial im hyper." pikachu laughed. ash opend the door to see brock sitting up against it with a glass to his ear... he turned verry red. "uh... did you hear that?" brock smiled... ash smiled. "oh well!" he ran off. "i knew it! i wont blab.. huh? what? oh well?" he looked at pikachu. "what did you do to ash..."

"Mist... i know how you feel about me." misty sighed. "i'm sorry Matt... i know you love me... but i.." he smiled. "love ash?" she blushed. "i didn't say that..." he smiled. "but your letters say it all. that rudy guy... you left him too..." she looked away. "misty... i love you... i can't help it if you don't love me... i can't... change your mind... i'm leaving tomorrow... i probally wont see you again..." mistys eyes sparkled with sadness. "oh matt..." he shushed her... "i only want one thing..." misty looked up. "i'll never be the one you kiss... so that's all i ask... a kiss." misty smiled. "oh matt... of course." unlucky for ash he just enterd outside the balconey... he sawe matt there and decided to wait... he'd rather talk to misty in private... but then he saw matt stepping closer to her... Ash watched the flowers drop from Mistys hand. a tiny sigh escaped her before he nelt down. the unthinkable happend. ash covered his eyes at first... but uncovered them praying he was not seeing what he was seeing. Matt leaned down and kissed her. a perfect scene. on a balconey, in the moon light. ash covered his face and ran blindly knocking over a table. misty put this kiss to a stop. "ash..." she mumbled as he ran down the hall crying. matt took her hand. "stay with me..." misty sighed... matt kissed her fingers... wial ash ran from the place...

CHAPTER 8 be as big a splash as you can

mistys heart lept in her throte. had ash seen them? was he crying? she stood up. matt frowned. "i'msorry misty... i didn't mean to hurt you." misty looked up. "you didn't hurt me Matt... you hurt Ash..." she ran off to her bedroom. she layed on her bed. she felt so awful. really bad. togepi was in a cradel next to her bed. pikachu wanderd into her room. her marveld at the many tanks off exotic fish she had in her room. "pika pi?" misty smiled. "oh pikachu... i think i hurt ash's feelings..." Violet walked in from out of no wear. "you! you took my prozzak cd!" cried misty jumping up and snatching it from her. Violet smiled. "like get some sleep little sis... big night tomoroow! the prozak concert!" misty smiled. violet and pikachu left. misty put the cd on and put it on a song... "forever and a day... was all i ever wanted... baby. to figure out away... to finish what a started." misty sighed. poor ash... maybe she should go and try to exlane... "especially the thing that happened when i started with you. you taught me to fly and you taught me to fall... but after all... you'll be teaching me the hardest lesson of all..." she placed her cd in it's container... she wasn't in the mood for it. specially not that song. she soon went to bed.

the next morning misty waited patiently till everyone had gone out shopping and other stuff. she decided to go swimming in the pool. but when she got there... she wasnt alone... ash was there on a treadmill with pikachu. Misty smiled. "uh.. hi ash." she said with a smile. "hi.." she went to the change room and changed into her training speedo swim suit. when she got out her poekmon were all ready waiting for her... except togepi... who was running on a treadmill with pikachu. misty walked over to ash... (imagine how hard it would be to look at someone hot when your mad at them! lol) he looked away. "ash..." he cut in. "so hows matt...?" he asked jumping off the treadmill and going over to the side of the pool. he stuck one foot in. "matt... left..." ash looked up at her surprised. her eyes were deep blue... "matt... left?" misty nodded. she wanted to sound like she never saw ash... it made it less difficult. "yeah... he said we'd probally never see each other again... so he gave me a kiss and some flowers.." ash raised his eyebrows. "really? oh... uh... he's... your not gonna see him ever?" misty shook her head. ash let out a sigh and smiled. "ah well you still got me." misty laughed and pushed him in the pool. he landed with a splash. he swam to the top... just to see her doing a swan dive. a perfect swan dive. "wow..." he murmered. "huh?" she asked swimming over. she had an evil look on her face... she pulled his hat down over his head and dunked him under. he jumped up with her on his shoulders. "wahhh!" she cried as she fell back... "staryu, starmie, psyduk. goldeen, poliwag... watergun!" poor ash. now he was really wet. he pulled of his hat, gloves, jacket and sneakers... misty let out a soft cry... then dove underwater. "i'll get you misty..." said ash diving. he follwed her deeper. where was she going. she stopped at the wall and motioned for ash to follow. he did. there was a window and people watching! ash almost laughed. brock pushed his face up to the window. ash had to swim up se he could laugh.

CHAPTER 9 infatuation

"if i were a dentist i would take the oprotunity to look in your mouth... maybe if i did then i would better understand just what your talking about... and if my x-ray picture gave thr proper information i'd be back at the start... cause everytime i try an talk to you my words keep falling apart..." Ash, Misty, Violet, Daisy, Lilly, and brock were at the prozzak concert. it was set up in a room almost like a dance.. well it was a dance... only with live prozzak... and of course they were lights n stuff. everyone was dressed up. ash was wearing his jeans and his black shirt... no hat jacket or gloves! violet had geld his hair up like gohans (grown up gohan). he actually looked like teen! misty was wearing a leather green toob top with a black lace shirt over it. she also had flares and herr hair was down. she seemed to glittler... probally the body gel! ash and misty didn't know what the others looked like... cause unknow to them they were not there... but back stage meeting prozzak! "oh ya oh ya oh ya... pretty girls make me nervouse... come on come on come one... weoweo pretty girls make me nervouse... ohya hoya..." ash laughed. "man what a party!" cried Ash over the music... misty laughed. she grabbed ashs wrist and spun him around... the song soon ended and a new one started up... Monday morning... only they changed it! for some reason the song was slow... ash smiled. he was really confident. he walked right up to misty and asked her to dance... then he was pulled into realty when she said yes. "uh ash??? did u hear me?" ash bliked. "huh?" Misty smiled. "i said yes..." ash just stood there. "ash have you even danced with a girl?" he shook his head. "did you just say yes...?" Misty noded. ash blinked. "ash ketchum i said YES!" she cried. the music stoopeed and everyonw looked at the 2. "uhhh..." started ash with a sweat drop. "when i wake up monday morning?" asked misty. the music stared again and peeps went back to their dancing. "look ash it's easy," ash sighed. "what have i got myselve into?" misty laughed. and idea came to mind. "wellif your too chicken..." ash strainted up. "chicken?!" he grabbed hold of her. "1,2,3,1,2,3," he waltzed around. misty sweat dropped. "no ash..." she stopped him. "like this..." she placed her hands on his hips, his on hers. she pulled them closer. "now, just follow me..." she started to go around... it was really pretty to watch. ash smiled. "this is almost as easy as pokemon training." misty laughed. "that hard eh?" he laughed. "Misty what was your moms name..." misty was quiet. "Rose. it was rose." ash smiled. "that's pretty, but why is everyone in your family named after flowers and your not?" Misty smiled. "caus i was the one who was conceived by the ocean. momma once told mt when i was small, that the only reason we started the sensational sisters was because i had so much swimming talent." Ash laughed. he smiled. as he and misty danced he thought about Matt... Did Misty send him away??? what about Rudy... he sighed. he didn't notice Misty staring at him. "ash have you ever kissed a girl before?" ash blinked. "did you ever kiss a boy before...?" they both giggled. "cooties!" they said togeather laughing. "i dunno, for a boy... your not that bad." ash laughed. "well geee thanx, same to you." misty laughed. they didnt really notice... but they were dancing close. verry close. so close their noses almost touched. ash giggled. "your not gonna steal my nose are you?" misty laughed. the song ended and usted es muy loco started up. ash and misty didnt notice... they just kept dancing... but 3 sisters and a certin tan boy were watching laughing. "so why did you leave cereluen in the first place?" misty blinked. "i'm sure it wasnt to have me steal your... gulp. uhoh." misty frowned. "BIKE! YOU STILL OWE ME FOR MY BIKE!" ash's face changed. "your... not gonna kill me are you???" misty laughed. "well then i guess you'll have to call this the kiss of death..." ash didn't even get a chance to say anything before misty kissed him quickly on the lips. he blinked. "now i can officially kill you ash..." he blushed. "kiss of death... moahahahaha." ash cought the joke and laughed. "for a minut their... i thought you had just kissed me." misty laughed. "but that was just a symbol for, i'm gonna kill you ash, right misty?" misty laughed. "sure... if thats what you call it." ash smiled. "what would you call it...?" he asked dumb founded. "a kiss between friends..." ash smiled... "yeah..."


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