* Suparmono cries

* Suparmono eyes his garden hose

Suparmono> more enema?

* Suparmono worms the garden hose into his rectum and turns it on full blast


Maugan> oooh, yes please :p

* Suparmono runs the reservoir dry

* Suparmono holds it in with a cork while eating prunes and icecream

Maugan> ahahhahahhaa

* Suparmono drinks a quart of castor oil

Maugan> you have quite an imagination

* Suparmono runs around the block

* Suparmono walks to the store and shows everyone his distended belly, telling the customers that they can't feel it kick

Poutremos> heeee

* Suparmono rolls home in agony

Suparmono> need

Suparmono> too

Suparmono> poo

Suparmono> poop

* Suparmono twists his face into a grimace

* Suparmono bends over


Maugan> so how much have you smoked tonight???

Maugan> the whole plant?

Maugan> :p

* Suparmono sprays sloppy poo and bowel mucus and undigested food all over the channel

Maugan> ewwwww

* Suparmono waddles over to Maugan, stretches his anus over Maugan's head and poops for 5 minutes, coating Maugan with a thin film of watery shit

Maugan> riiiiiiiight

Maugan> strange, this one

* Suparmono stands up straight, looks satisfied and smiles

Suparmono> erk

* Suparmono winces as his ass makes a 'put put put put put' sound and expels more of the sloppy brown bowel content

* Suparmono feels disgusted as a centipede that had been living in the garden hose worms out of his anus

* Suparmono sighs as he feels the castor oil and prunes and ice cream kick in and does a big continuous sloppy poop right in Maugan's cheesecake

Suparmono> ahhh much better

* Suparmono wipes his bottom on his underwear then pulls his pants up

Maugan> good thing i don't have ne cheesecak

Maugan> *cake

* Suparmono farts and browns his trousers

* Suparmono sits on Maugan's favourite chair

Maugan> great

Suparmono> poop

Maugan> yes, poop indeed

Suparmono> poop

Maugan> u need to add some words to your vocabulary

Suparmono> poopy

Maugan> and also leave the toilet humour stage of your life :p

Suparmono> poopies

Maugan> well, it's a start

Suparmono> socrates?

Maugan> better

Suparmono> scrot-rates?

Poutremos> FANNNNY FAN!

* Suparmono tapdances solemnly