Session Start: Fri May 03 01:56:56 2002

Session Ident: MaRsHaLL

MaRsHaLL> heya

MaRsHaLL> how r ya tonight

terragrrl> hi

terragrrl> good thanks

MaRsHaLL> das good

MaRsHaLL> asl

terragrrl> 16/f/melbourne

MaRsHaLL> kewl as

MaRsHaLL> do u have a pic

terragrrl> want to see it

MaRsHaLL> please

terragrrl> i'll have to email it, i cant DCC anything from this comp

terragrrl> its my brothers

MaRsHaLL> ah k


terragrrl> you wont get freaked out if i send it from my brothers email account?

MaRsHaLL> nah

MaRsHaLL> only if i dont get a virus

terragrrl> I'm Jess btw

MaRsHaLL> kewl

terragrrl> ok check email

MaRsHaLL> ok

terragrrl> please don't laugh or say i'm fat or anything, ok?

MaRsHaLL> ok

MaRsHaLL> your fucking hot

terragrrl> thanks!

MaRsHaLL> npz

MaRsHaLL> i wish u where here

MaRsHaLL> ;)

terragrrl> hehe

terragrrl> why?

MaRsHaLL> so i could root ya

MaRsHaLL> only if you would

terragrrl> ??????

terragrrl> thats crude...:(

MaRsHaLL> sorry

MaRsHaLL> i wouldnt then

terragrrl> have you got a large *cough* penis?

MaRsHaLL> yeah

MaRsHaLL> bloody oath

MaRsHaLL> 9 inches on the hard

terragrrl> what do you look like?

terragrrl> ?

terragrrl> or have you got a pic?

MaRsHaLL> 185 cms dark hair thick long cock muscley build

terragrrl> wow

terragrrl> you must've had a few girlfriends?:)

MaRsHaLL> yer

MaRsHaLL> every night

terragrrl> hehe...they like your 'thick long cock'?

terragrrl> :)

MaRsHaLL> bloody oath babe

MaRsHaLL> i love sticking my dick into a nice shaved pussy

terragrrl> hehe what've you done then!!! give me the goss!

MaRsHaLL> done 101 postions

MaRsHaLL> watched then done

terragrrl> 101!!

terragrrl> what are the 101?

terragrrl> some examples?

terragrrl> please:)

MaRsHaLL> nah

MaRsHaLL> youll have to watch the movie yaself sorry

MaRsHaLL> my secrets

terragrrl> movie?

terragrrl> which one?

MaRsHaLL> 101 positions

terragrrl> oh...

terragrrl> you've never done it in the bottom have you?

MaRsHaLL> ive watched the movie n then peformed the move after the scene

terragrrl> i the anus..

MaRsHaLL> ah nope

MaRsHaLL> my missus wanted to tho

terragrrl> really?

terragrrl> she WANTED to?

MaRsHaLL> yer

MaRsHaLL> she wanted to do me

MaRsHaLL> but i wasnt keen

terragrrl> but..its in her bum!

terragrrl> who would want that?

MaRsHaLL> id fucked her

MaRsHaLL> im saying she wanted to fuck me

terragrrl> OH!

MaRsHaLL> with a strapon

terragrrl> she wanted to...i see

terragrrl> have you ever put it in a girls ass?

MaRsHaLL> yer

MaRsHaLL> its nice n tight

terragrrl> was she embarrassed?

MaRsHaLL> no

MaRsHaLL> ya having a hansom man fucking u

MaRsHaLL> would u b embarrased

terragrrl> got a pic?

MaRsHaLL> nope

terragrrl> no!

* terragrrl is dissapointed

MaRsHaLL> im sorry

terragrrl> i AM curious though

terragrrl> how do you get all these girls?

MaRsHaLL> being myself

MaRsHaLL> dont b shy

MaRsHaLL> chat them up

MaRsHaLL> make sure they dont have a boy friend

terragrrl> oh i see

terragrrl> do you ever lick girls vaginas?

MaRsHaLL> yes

terragrrl> sorry to ask all this, its late:)

MaRsHaLL> how old r you

terragrrl> you dont mind answering do you? I'm 16

MaRsHaLL> because

MaRsHaLL> licking a girl out isnt new to me

MaRsHaLL> these question r old to me

terragrrl> you prefer hairy or shaved vaginas?

MaRsHaLL> shaved ofcourse

terragrrl> y?

MaRsHaLL> because u dont get hair in ya mouth n shave looks n feels better

MaRsHaLL> brb

terragrrl> cool

MaRsHaLL> bak

terragrrl> where you go?

MaRsHaLL> make a fone call

terragrrl> aww

terragrrl> did you want to have sex with me when u saw my pic?

MaRsHaLL> fucking oath

MaRsHaLL> all night

terragrrl> where/how?

terragrrl> :)

terragrrl> nasty

MaRsHaLL> hard n fast

MaRsHaLL> in ya anus

terragrrl> anus!

terragrrl> ouch

MaRsHaLL> it will hurt at first

MaRsHaLL> then it will feel good

MaRsHaLL> id tit fuck ya

MaRsHaLL> make u suck my cock

MaRsHaLL> id like your cunt

MaRsHaLL> n then lick it

terragrrl> ooh

terragrrl> umm.tit fuck?

MaRsHaLL> would u like that

terragrrl> whats that?

MaRsHaLL> i fuck ya tits

MaRsHaLL> it feels great

terragrrl> fuck the TITS? HOW??!

MaRsHaLL> then i blow my sperm on ya face

MaRsHaLL> u hold them to gether then i slide my dick through

terragrrl> oh

terragrrl> will I like it?

MaRsHaLL> fucken oath

terragrrl> even the sperm on my face?

MaRsHaLL> yer

terragrrl> it tastes yuk, and i might not want it on my face!

terragrrl> i dont mind it in the condom

MaRsHaLL> well if u want it like that

MaRsHaLL> ill do it like that

terragrrl> hrm. not much of a man are you?

terragrrl> u give in 2 easy:>

MaRsHaLL> just like to please the woman

terragrrl> you want to make me happy?

MaRsHaLL> yes

terragrrl> please give me your webpage URL

MaRsHaLL> my addy?

terragrrl> website

MaRsHaLL> i dont have 1

MaRsHaLL> do u have anymore pics

terragrrl> oh

terragrrl> no, no more

terragrrl> sorry:(

MaRsHaLL> k

MaRsHaLL> das ok

MaRsHaLL> brb

MaRsHaLL> having a wank

terragrrl> ok

No such nick/channel

Session Close: Fri May 03 02:55:40 2002

YAY! MORE #kalgoorlie bagging! This guy was like imRUSSELL -> a total fucking sadcase. I mean, i'm sure posing as a 16 year old girl (pic and all) is pretty sad aswell, but I'm the webmaster, and I say he's sadder. Capiche? Good.