It was VegetarianSex.com, it is no longer. It is Ex-Vegetarian.com! Except still with my angelfire handle until i pay AU$15 for a registered URL. But for now, MasterTheFunk my niggaz (whom this is strikly 4).

OK, yes, this is designed with Angelfire, but i do NOT use basic mode, i do have poor HTML knowledge which I am implementing...now. Help, i hate websites. I HATE THEM. DIE SLOW MOTHERFUCKER, MY 'FO'FO'll make sure ALL YO KIDS DONT GROW~~~

fuck fuck fuck expect random, poorly laid out pages with dead links and many racial slurs. Hey, check it out, i'm not even using HTML anymore:) yes i am. penis. help me!

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i suggest you bookmark the next page after clicking this link so you dont have to go through this page every time:)