NB: this is the entire, unedited log. Read well, lil homies:)

Session Ident: #gencorp

*** Now talking in #gencorp

Suparmono> hi

Luthien> hey

Suparmono> hi

Suparmono> Luthien

Luthien> wassup

Suparmono> Luthien: do i know you/

Suparmono> Luthien: nothing, just had a girl-guides trivia night

Suparmono> it was so much fun

Suparmono> we raised enough money for new uniforms

Poutremos> Suparmono: just because they were all inbred...AHAHAHAHA...like dobermans...!!

Suparmono> so me and my group can go camping properly this holidays...thank God girl guides are being supported

Suparmono> Poutremos: ick!! /me smiles

Poutremos> hehehe

Suparmono> Luthien: you there sweets?

* Logging #gencorp to 'logs\#gencorp.Openprojects.log'

Luthien> oh, sorry - was distracted - don't know, do i know you?

Suparmono> Luthien: hmm prolly not:) distracted?

* Suparmono undoes the top button on her blouse..

Suparmono> you are now;)

* Suparmono tells Poutremos to put his camera away

Suparmono> nodri boy:>

Suparmono> nordi, soz!

Poutremos> yeah, Luthien...do I know you? :)

Luthien> i thought you were a bloke....?

Luthien> oh

* Suparmono sighs and smiles

* Suparmono checks down her pants

Suparmono> 100% female:)

Suparmono> but i can act like a guy if you want

* Suparmono grabs a beer and watches the footy

Suparmono> ooooooh look at all the buff footy players in their little shorts;)

* Suparmono claps

Luthien> who are you then?

Suparmono> i'm jess

Luthien> nup, i'm suuuuuuuuuuure you're a bloke. 110 %sure

Luthien> jess with the very curly hair?

* Suparmono runs away fast

* Suparmono catches a plane to uganda

* Suparmono eats some corn-paste porridge from a wooden bowl

* Suparmono gets a distended belly and forgets how to tapdance

* Suparmono starts playing basketball for Michael J Fox's team

* Suparmono jumps to slam dunk, thoroughly enjoying the air up there

Luthien> * Suparmono wanks

isen|away> RE LUTHIEN\

isen|away> you still there?

* Suparmono sets a rabid Ugandan on isen|away

isen|away> fuck off supar

Suparmono> isen|away: i didnt really do it, i just typed it in as a joke on irc

isen|away> fuck OFF

Suparmono> yay! phew, did i get you worried too? i'd hate for there to be more ugandans in this country.

Suparmono> especially rabid ones

Suparmono> they're the worst kind

isen|away> fuckk off

Suparmono> frothing like pit-bulls

Suparmono> you want me to fuckk off??

Suparmono> ok

Suparmono> ...

Suparmono> where's off then

Suparmono> is he nice? or is it a she

Suparmono> ?

* Suparmono hunts for off

Luthien> yeah still here isen

Suparmono> oh little Off...isengard told me to fuck you..

Suparmono> IN THE BOTTOM!

Luthien> what the fuck is your problem,

Luthien> you're a racist, sexist, fucking ignorant, irritating little shit

Luthien> and you should FUCK OFF.

Suparmono> Luthien: i'm imaging my balls slapping against your chin as i fuck your face

Poutremos> I just went on ICQ for teh first time in ages and NOONE has sent me anything :(

Suparmono> just shut up and chill

Poutremos> well...maybe because I used Miranda a while ago....

* Poutremos ponders

* Poutremos falls in the pond

Poutremos> AHAHAHA

Suparmono> whats miranda?

Suparmono> LOL

* Suparmono fishes Poutremos out of the pond and puts him in #thefishbowl

Poutremos> hehehee

Poutremos> miranda = the bare ICQ

Suparmono> oh

Poutremos> good, quicker loads etc.etc.

Poutremos> but I think I may have lost some messages sent to me through it...but I doubt it...I'm over-rating myself...

isen|away> back

*** isen|away is now known as isengard

Luthien> wassup?

isengard> not much.

isengard> disliking mtm2.

isengard> that's all

Suparmono> Poutremos: overrating yourself? in company such as this its easy to feel underated...its ok to elevate yourself a bit. kudos

Suparmono> Luthien and isengard are setting moral standards for IRC left, right and centre

Poutremos> isengard: mtm2?

Poutremos> oh. Midtown :)

isengard> Suparmono: no, I just dislike you intensely.

Suparmono> they have ruled that i am an annoying, irritating, sexist, racist, black, jewish dwarf, and that i should 'fuck off'...

Suparmono> BUT I STILL CANT FIND OFF!!!!!!!!!

Suparmono> WHERE IS HE/SHE!??????

Luthien> you are a fuckhead

isengard> Suparmono: you are not liked. At all. Go away.

isengard> Leave

isengard> Suparmono: leave us all alone and spread your inane shit somewhere else.

Poutremos> Suparmono: not a black jewish dwarf?

isengard> Suparmono: I resent the abuse of bandwidth that your crap represents.

isengard> Suparmono: bitch.

Poutremos> I'm playing TA:Kingdoms...

isengard> Total Annihilation?

Poutremos> isengard: what's been / going to be played at LAN?

isengard> that game rocked.

Poutremos> yeah :)

isengard> tribes2, mtm2, like 5 minutes of dungeon siege.

isengard> that's it so far.

Suparmono> Poutremos: i represent with my niggaz at the balaclava synagogue before making big $$ in dwarf-tossing at bars

Poutremos> it's the second one they made...the fantasy one...doesn't rock that much,... :)

Poutremos> well..not as much as TA

Luthien> i've been playing wolfenstein. the original

isengard> played tribes2 for about an hour and a half though.

Poutremos> why only 5min?

Poutremos> hehee

Luthien> my eyes hurt

*** Joins: golgy

isengard> Poutremos: cos other cunts wanted to play other shit.

ark|away> And isen's sulking ;)

isengard> Poutremos: still, most of the TA games rule.

golgy> moo

Luthien> hehe

Poutremos> RAR!

Luthien> quack

Poutremos> isengard: yeah

Poutremos> ark|away: I FINISHED MY FIRST UNIT!!! OF SETI!!!

Poutremos> 62hrs!!

isengard> i dislike mtm2. tis boring.

Luthien> oi bitch?

*** Quits: ark|away (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))

Poutremos> so how about TA at next LAN? :)

isengard> Poutremos: perhaps... but yeah, dunno.,\

Suparmono> will TA run on my 486?

*** Joins: uewepuep

isengard> back later

Suparmono> yay!

* Suparmono will have a scat-porn story ready upon your return

*** Quits: isengard (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))

*** Joins: arknstone

Suparmono> what a tool

Luthien> are you guys getting ma shit for me?

Suparmono> he's probably getting excited about the story already

*** Quits: arknstone (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))

*** Joins: arknstone

Suparmono> re

Suparmono> hows the lan?

*** Poutremos is now known as Pout|TA

Suparmono> brb, logging:)

Session Close: Sun Jun 09 02:08:08 2002