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Welcome...you have reached Blue Heaven, an outlaw's paradise! This page is a shrine to Outlaw Star, an anime currently airing on Cartoon Network's Toonami! I won't focus on a specific character (I love them all! But especially Gene and Hilda!). It has images, info on the series and characters, various multimedia, and more! Well, hopefully. This is my 1st webpage and I'm not good with computers, so have patience...? Please check back once and a while because I will update frequently (Angelfire is so confusing to me...I'll probably forget to save or something...but anyway please check back?) The page links are at the bottom. If you have any advice or ideas or something, e-mail me. Note: You can insult my page and I won't get pissed off AS LONG AS YOU HAVE A REASON!! If you yell at my site for no reason then I'll take you for a complete idiot. E-mail me at theOutlaw_star@lycos.com


10-24 ~ Happy almost Halloween! Sorry for procrastinating about the image section. I'll get it done, I will...anyway, there IS a new fanfic in the fanfic section. I suggest you read it. :)

9-11 ~ Today planes crashed into the Trade Centers in NY and the Pentagon in Washington. 4 planes were hijacked and no one survived. Many firemen died and thousands of people in the buildings were killed. I am sorry if anyone was directly affected by what happened.

9-8 ~ Hey guys, I'm sorry I haven't been updating, I just started high school and I've been really busy with no time to work on the site. A lot of people have answered the poll...I'd want to be Aisha, personally. Although being Melfina would be nice too, 'cause Gene is so hot! But then, I wouldn't want to stand around naked in a tube all day either. :P

8-21 ~ Hey everyone!!! My site is #1! Thanks again and again for voting. ^_^ Thanks to all who have been sending me pics, I know my image gallery is too crappy to be at #1 so I'm fixing it up and dividing it by character. Also I'm making a Japanese section, with tips and links if you want to learn a few words.

8-12 ~ I just got back from up north on vacation!! It was kewl. School starts soon so that sucks. But I have some good news!! We have another addition to the art gallery and our first fanfic, called Morning's Dawn!! It's very good. I suggest you read it. Also...this site is at #2 in the OLS Top 50!!!!! Thank you sooo much to whoever has voted...I know my site isn't as good HTML wise as some of the others, but I guess the content was good enough for #2!

7-29 ~ Well the poll is only seperated by like 2 percent so that's pretty strange since All of OLS uncut (W/o the hot springs) was winning by so much earlie. ^.^ As for me, I'd rather see all of it uncut...who cares if I miss that one episode?? Lol.

7-21 ~ Hey, I'm just going to answer a couple of the questions people ask me. I should probably get an FAQ, but this will do for now. 1) When will there be new episodes? Answer: Since OLS is a mini series, you've seen all the episodes already. I think it's from '97 or '98 or something. Unless you've seen Episode 24, you only missed one episode.

2) When will the toys be coming out? Answer: Bandai is starting a line of action figures-included in the lineup so far are Melfina, Gene, and a model of the ship itself. I don't know for sure when the stores will have them in stock, maybe they already are, but go to Figures.com
for more info. Shoot! I know there was more questions. Oh well I can't remember them now...I'll just ansewr them later...anyway thank you for voting for my site in the OLS Top 50! It's at #5 now out of the top 30 or something.

7-19 ~ Well, Toonami counted the votes and OLS is back on the air at 5:30!! It's currently on the 3rd or 4th episode I think. Time to restart the episode summaried again! Ugh...they're so hard but I'll finish them. The poll says that most of you would want to see all of OLS uncut, but it's only winning by a small margin!

6-29 ~ I added script to the cursor!! How do you like it? I'm working on getting some music for my site soon, since that seems to be what everybody's asking for. Please don't forget to vote for my site in the Top 50!! It's almost passing the other Blue Heaven!!! (grr...copycat...)

6-28 ~ Redid the links section. I cut the descriptions because when I was trying to fix them, I just made them look worse so finally I was just like, screw it!! Oh well. I think I'm getting better at HTML.

6-10 ~ How do you like my new background? I think it's pretty!! Working on a Japanese language section and a banner, in case you want to link to me.

6-6 ~ OK, you'll never believe what happened! Angelfire wouldn't let me into my account (they kept saying the PW was incorrect, then they wouldn't send it to me, and I kept trying and trying and I finally got in!!) So anyway don't foget to send in your art, fics, and other stuffs.

3-31 ~ I'm back! OK, I forgot my password...that's why I haven't updated...and Angelfire just sent me it yesterday. ^_^; Anyway, I have the fan section up! It has a great pic of Aisha in it now. I'm working on the sound files at the moment, so quit complaining! And don't complain about there being no fan art, either, because guess whose job THAT is? Lol. Come on, someone has to have more art or maybe a fanfic to send in! Pleease?

3/21 ~ YAHOO I finally got the song pics up!!!!! Happy?

3/14 ~ OK I HAVE been updating I just haven't been recording it!! Really!! But I have more images and more episdoes, anyway...the episodes are really hard to write! But they'll be finished someday!!

3/6 ~ ATTENTION: I know you guys want me to put episodes on my site and sell action figures and stuff, but I can't really do that because this isn't an official site! ^_^ But there are going to be Gene, Melfina, and the Outlaw Star spaceship models...they're coming to stores soon I think. Go to figures.com for more info. As for the episodes to download, I don't have a good comp. so that's out of the question. ): But if I do see a site that has that, I'll put it on the site. Later!

3/5 ~ Added a couple more episodes to the episode guide. Thank you for voting in the poll, and it looks like most of you want an Episode Guide and Ending Song Pics, so I'll work on the episodes next!

3/3 ~ Still working on more images...Fan Stuff section is up and running, so hurry up and send me fan art, fanfic, or anything else!!

3/1 ~ Added more images, also started the episode summaries. No point in looking though, because there's only 1! But more to come! In fact, 26 more!! If I made a mistake please tell me.

2/28/01 ~ As of today, I am removing my guestbook because out of the hundreds of people that have visited my site (thank you!) only 4 have actually signed the guestbook!! Lol ~ there was this one that was really messed up ~ it was like, 'I am the real Blue Heaven!!! F***ing theif!!' and I was like, 'OK...psycho...'(But thank you very very much for signing it, i guess. Lol.) So now, e-mail me if you want to say something. It's up above.


Disclaimer: Outlaw Star is copyright of Morning Star, Sunrise/Sueisha, Sotsu Agency (c) 1998. The English version is copyright (c)2000 by Bandai Entertainment.

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