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Personal Info

AIM icon... o_O;
//Name: Terese Elisabeth
//Nicknames: Beth, Bethie
//Handle: Tryphy
//Age: 13
//Birthday: 18.6.88
//Bloodtype: O+
//Height: 160km
//Location: Illinois, USA
//Eyes: Greenish-grey that occasionally turn blue... o_O;;
//Hair: Straightish-chestnut brown, shoulder length
//Ethnicity: Irish, French, English, German, Serbian, and the list goes on...
//Religion: Athiest
//School: WMS, 8th grade
//Bands: Symphonic, Marching (Drum major)
//Instruments: 1st chair oboe, piano, flute
//Family: Mom, Dad, 2 sisters (Taylor, 11; Melissa, 9)
//Pets: Cat (Cleo! *huggles*), 4 turtles (Michaelangelo, Donnatello, Leonardo, and Rafael... o_O;;), and a fish (unnamed... ><;)
//AIM: kiwi ame
//ICQ: 139674145
Tryphy feels...