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Haze's Yaoi Page

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Welcome to my own domain of Yaois and Bishounen! Yes, I do like to please everyone so I put up a shoujo gallery for you boys or girls with those tastes. LoL! Everyone be sure to read my fics and give me feedback otherwise how will I know if I'm a shitty write or not. For those of you who don't know this site contains shounen ai material and yaoi. Shounen ai is boy and boy relationships. (Yes, THAT kind of a relationship.) And yaoi is boy and boy sex scenes. So if you don't like that sort of thing get oughta my site! (pun intended.)

I won an award. How about that. ^_^

Okie updatey time: I was finally able to acquire a guestbook so you people make sure you sign it. Also I fixed my e-mail addy so if anyone has any questions or comments please write me. I love getting mail and I never get a whole lot so please make me feel loved!! I'll even feel loved if the mail is mostly you yelling at me for the yaoi GW gallery. Rants, raves, flames, questions, compliments, or comments? All is welcomed. E-mail me, and I promise I will answer any and all mail. Again I'm sorry that there are no thumbnails in the image galleries. I just don't wanna deal with that process. *ugh* Help yourself to all the images. I didn't ask for them so why should you? LoL! Also I reread some of my fanfics and realised that in some parts it made no sense so I fixed them up. Be sure to check them out.

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I love that picture. This is a banner of Migel and Dilandau from Escaflowne, one of my favorite yaoi couples. I saw this link and was like "Hell yes!!". Please follow the link and get your own banner so you can support yaoi and yuri on the web too.

Love Ya Tonz! Alielle ^_~

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Follow the link below to see which slayer you match with.

This is my best friend Lisa! (the one with blond pigtails)Lisa is my kawaii friend! Much love to Lisa! ~Muah!! The other girl is *cough*brat*cough* Jessica. No love whatsoever to Jessica. *wavies to Lisa* Hi hi!!

approved by heero!

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