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    She is old.  She is wise.  She is the leader of the Kushinada clan, and yet the producers failed to name this venerable character... Grandmother is Momiji's teacher when it comes to preparing her for her destiny, and yet, she has hidden the truth from Momiji, hoping the time would never come that her granddaughter would have to know of her ultimate destiny.  When Kunikida comes to tell them of the reappearance of the Aragami and the death of Kaede, Grandmother takes it hard, feeling that the time of the Kushinada has passed and that there is nothing more to be done. 
    Since she is so wise, I believe that she says this out of reluctance to have Momiji offered as a human sacrifice.  That is, of course, just my personal opinion...  For she does relent and allow Momiji to be placed in the care of Mr. Daitetsu Kunikida, man in charge of the TAC, but only after he swears that he will protect her.
   No blood type information can be found on her, nor is there data concerning her zodiac sign.

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