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My first fic up by someone other than me! This one was just too good to go unarchived so I'm glad to say the AstroKender from GWML let me put it here.

    Author: AstroKender
    Description: The scientists are experimenting again and it's Duo's turn to play guinea pig
    Tag: Au, A
    Notes: Finnished! A little shonen-ai, 1x2, 2+3, 4+R, 5x13

Finding Faith

    Author: Me (Ahri)
    Description: Duo's little walk down memory lane to slay his demons and find a faith long lost.
    Tag: SAP
    Notes: Finnished!
Forgotten Seas 1 2 3
    Author: Me (Ahri)
    Description: Heero gets an unexpected visitor from a phantom of the past and learns about his family's secret legacy and the true meaning of betrayal.
    Tag: SAP
    Notes: Finnished!

Dust in the Wind

    Author: Me (Ahri)
    Description: Song-fic based on Kansas's 'Dust in the Wind'
    Tag: VF, Q
    Notes: I wasn't sure where to put this one- it's illustrated but not really fanart and yet then again it's illustrated... Oh well, it's here.

    Author: Me (Ahri)
    Description: Trowa faces a specter from his past and is forced to ask himself if he's really made the right decision with Quatre.
    Tag: SAP, Q,
    Notes:A little shonen-ai, 3+4

Dream Within a Dream
    Author: Me (Ahri)
    Description: Poem-fic based on Edgar Allan Poe's poem
    Tag: SAP, VF, Q, A

Dragon Wing
    Author: Ahri (Me)
    Descriptoin: Humans have ruled comfortably for thousands of years, they have forgotten the legends, forsaken the sacred traditions and spread their reach even to outer space. It has been far too long since the old Gods awakened, far too long since their voice was heard like thunder over the distant mountains, far too long since dragons have flown the earthen skies. And so I would make sacrifice to the gods of Krynn. I would set upon their alter the pilots of Gundam Wing! I would light the fire with the flame of Takhisis's own breath. I would wake the Storm over Krynn and set the worlds in motion. The stage was set. The die was cast. The cards all fell into place. All I had to do was sit back and wait as the Conqueror Wyrm took it's course...
    Tag: E, D, AU, Co, A, Li, AA
    Notes: Incomplete, shonen-ai, 3+4

Dungeons And Gundams 1 2 3 4
    Author: Me (Ahri)
    Description: G-Boys in D&D land!
    Tag: AA, Co, AU, C
    Notes:Incomplete, mild shonen-ai, 3+4

Nyquill Dreams
    Author: Me (Ahri)
    Description: Strange, just plain strange, there's no other way to say it.
    Tag: A, C, Q
    Notes: Oddity and psychology
Bloodlust 1 2 3 4 5
    Author: Me (Ahri)
    Description: Gundam Wing in the World of Darkness.
    Tag: MA, G, A, DF, V, L, AU, Co, AA
    Notes:Incomplete, yaoi/shonen-ai, 2x1, 3+4

Asguard Fallen 1 2
    Author: Me (Ahri)
    Description: The Ragnorok has come and all that stands between it and the Earth are five clueless Gundam Pilots.
    Tag: AU, A, Li, AA
    Notes:Incomplete, shonen-ai, 3+4

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