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Another fun filled day... 12/23/00 ~Jamie
Hi welcome to the first update of my site.. Since this is the first update i doubt if anyone will read this for oh, say a week maybe. I'm working on getting the site and all of the pics and banners done. Shouldn't take too long.





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Suikoden: Demon Century

In the early part of the 21st Century, Tokyo was devastated by an earthquate that destroyed almost every center of government and industry. Now controlled by the secret armies of brutal crime lords, the local police is almost helpless in keeping order. Takateru Suga comes to the city in search of his kidnapped sister as other fighters are unconsciously drawn to the city: an army soldier, a priest, a Buddhist monk, a ninja nun, a cross-dressing street fighter all reincarnations of an ancient Chinese war and playing a crucial role in the fulfillment of an ancient prophecy.

Character Bio's
Image Gallery
Download the OVA
Sound Clips
Movie Clips


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